The New 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Poster Is Perf

Comic book fans rejoiced when Sony and Marvel reached an agreement that would finally allow Spider-Man to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, movie fans are about to find out why this is amazing news for the iconic web-slinger: the new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster immediately establishes this is not going to be your typical Spider-Man movie. Gone are the days of Tobey Maguire's earnest take on Peter Parker, and Andrew Garfield's too cool for school hero. Tom Holland's Peter has arrived, and he is perfect.

In the poster, Spidey is lounging with his headphones on and a yellow jacket sporting his science nerd status over his suit. New York City is behind him, with Stark Towers standing tall and dominating the skyline.

In one image, everything you need to know about Peter Parker is revealed. He's a city kid with a passion for science, and he has a heroic future ahead of him. The only thing missing is a well-timed quip, but the movie's official Twitter account took care of that. The image is captioned, "Homework can wait. The city can’t."

At long last, Spider-Man is back where he belongs, and the promise of him interacting with Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers looms just as large as the newly rebuilt Avengers HQ.

Spider-Man was always meant to be part of a larger universe of heroes, and having him swing solo never entirely worked, even though the other movies were fun. What's cool about Peter is his outsider's point of view of the rest of the heroes. He is a talented, brilliant kid, but he is still just a kid. Peter sees the world differently than his cohorts, and he takes a different approach to saving it.

Just look at how relaxed he is in the poster. Unlike Iron Man or Black Widow, being a superhero hasn't consumed his entire life just yet. There is still an innocence to Peter that makes him relatable. He isn't larger than life — he still has to go to high school and answer to his Aunt May between stopping supervillains and going on adventures with The Avengers.

Now that the character is finally back where he belongs, and there's no need to do yet another origin story full of Uncle Ben angst, Spider-Man is ready to reveal his full potential as one of Marvel's funniest and most enduring heroes.