The New 'Twin Peaks' Teasers Will Dredge Up Some Of Your '90s Nightmares — VIDEOS


It's happening again — or so the new Twin Peaks teaser trailers will have you believe. What's actually happening in the Twin Peaks revival, however, isn't clear at all. In typical David Lynch fashion, we have no idea what's going on in the new Twin Peaks. Partially because, quite seriously, no one has told us anything, and partially because, well, it's David Lynch we're talking about. The Lynchian spirit is nothing if not enigmatic. Luckily, there are a few newly released Twin Peaks teasers to tide you over.

The revival premiers on Showtime in May, and since it was first announced over two years ago, a few teasers have entered the airwaves. They've all been equally as mysterious. Here's what we do know so far: The series will be 18 episodes long. The events will take place 25 years later — in 2016. The population appears to (somehow) still be 51,201. And everything is still creepy as hell. "It is not a remake. The story continues," co-writer and co-creator Mark Frost told TVLine. "The seeds of where we go were planted where we've been."

First up for the newest teasers: the "Body" tease. Here, we revisit Laura Palmer, whose murder 25 years ago, set off the events that transpired in the following seasons. In case you forgot what her cold, blue, dead body looked like, well, here you go. Poor Laura Palmer.

Then, we have the "Mirror" tease, where we get to relive the haunting shot of Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper looking at himself in the mirror, but not as Dale Cooper — as Killer Bob. Maniacal laughter and the now famous tagline "How's Annie!" ensue. If you remember correctly, this was also the last scene of the series. Watching it again will surely take you back to the terror you felt first viewing it decades ago. (After which you subsequently stared at the end credits with your mouth agape, wondering what just happened and what it all means and whether you are in fact Killer Bob.) Oh wait, sorry. That might have just been me.

The teaser ends with Dale Cooper standing in the dark, taken from a clip we've actually already seen. What is he doing there? Why won't he say something? Anything?

In typical auteur fashion, Lynch will probably keep us guessing until the last moment. But, at least know we have some nightmare fuel to tide us over until the show premieres. In a way, it's like Twin Peaks never left.