'Wonder Woman' Gets A Wonder-Full New Poster

The buzz has slowly been crescendoing in an exciting fashion for what will be a surefire hit film in 2017:Wonder Woman. On Friday, the movie's lead Gal Gadot tweeted a new Wonder Woman poster that shows the Themysciran princess, warrior, and full-time superhero taking a knee. She appears to be a knee on the sand in full Wonder Woman regalia. It's a contemplative, epic moment to be sure. It may be safe to assume the Wonder Woman is either about to set off on her journey to Europe, meaning she is kneeling on the beaches of Themyscira, or she has just arrived in Europe and is taking a moment to gather herself. The poster is captioned with a simple, meaning-loaded word: "Wonder."

Wonder is indeed what I'm doing while looking at this poster. It's wondrous because it is a noticeably static and contemplative shot, first and foremost. This is uncharacteristic of a superhero poster, wherein one might imagine there is movement and action in every inch. Here, the only thing moving is Wonder Woman's hair. She looks calm and composed in her surrounding. She is bathed is warm oranges and bold blue hues; there's strength and serenity in the palette. She is wondrous to behold, because she is so unlike any other superhero we've seen before; that is conveyed in the sheer static quality of the pose.

There is also a sense that Wonder Woman is not going to approach conflict in the same way male superheroes would, which can be gathered just from looking at this poster. It's not a bad thing, mind you, but rather it inspires confidence in Wonder Woman's ability to save the day. Unlike her male counterparts, she takes a moment to stop, think, and perhaps plan her moves carefully. She is physically connecting with the land she is fighting to protect, while also letting it, maybe only symbolically, charge her up before she goes to fight.

It's a beautiful poster that yet again reminds us that in many ways, Wonder Woman will be a film seeking to positively switch up the expectations of a film about a superhero's origins. We know that Wonder Woman holds a unique place in the DCEU, as the first female superhero to get a solo film, and that her fighting style will be masculine — if only to prove a point that women can do anything men can do.

Now, with this newest poster, Wonder Woman continues proving that she is absolutely going to be a game-changer when it comes to how we perceive female superheroes in film. That is definitely worthy of our wonder.