Fans Think Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Dropped A MAJOR Hint About Their Wedding Date

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mark your theory calendar, because some Petiana fans are speculating Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande may wed on Aug. 4. The theory has been out in the ether for a few weeks, but it really kicked things into high gear over the weekend when Davidson shared a photo he took of Grande wearing his late father’s FDNY pendant. The number on the necklace, 8418, is Davidson’s dad’s badge number. If they were to get married on Aug. 4, 2018, the wedding date would be the same as Davidson's father's badge number. And so, there is a theory that Davidson and Grande could tie the knot two weeks from Saturday as a tribute to Davidson's father.

Davidson’s father, Scott Davidson, was killed in the line of duty in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. In honor of his dad's memory, Davidson has a “8418” tattoo on his arm. Earlier this month, Grande revealed an “8418” tattoo on her foot, and a few weeks later, Davidson gifted her with his dad's necklace. The significance of this number, the diamond ring emoji in the caption of the photo of Grande wearing Davidson’s father’s pendant, and the fact that 8/4/18 happens to be right around the corner have all left some fans wondering if Grande and Davidson are hinting that they plan to wed on the date that matches the badge number.

A bunch fans brought up this theory in the comments section of Davidson's post. “I bet they get married on Aug. 4th,” one commenter wrote. Another asked, “So are you guys getting married on August 4th or what?” “If they don’t get married on August 4th (idk when they plan to obviously) they’re missing a cool opportunity," posted a third commenter. "Especially since it’s on a Saturday anyway this year.” And so on.

This theory has come up on Twitter, too.

The bets have been made.

The support has been offered up.

And the expectations have been formed.

Again, this theory has been around for a minute. Weeks before the necklace post appeared on IG, a handful of tweeters launched this prediction out into the Twitterverse. Here is one from July 1:

And another from July 1:

And yet another from July 1:

And one from July 3:

Oh, man. Can we put the wedding date theory aside for just a sec and talk about the Harry Potter theme prediction? If a Petiana Grandson Harry Potter wedding were to happen, it might be the most important moment of, like, all time. Think of the wedding party members' outfits. The officiant could be a Dumbledore impersonator. The whole event could take place on a train made up to look like the Hogwarts Express. They could dress Toulouse up like Aragog. Like Petiana's love for the Harry Potter series, the possibilities would be endless.

Augh, OK. Sorry about that. Digression over.

On May 18, Bossip reported the newly single Davidson and the newly single Grande had begun dating. The Saturday Night Live performer and the pop star went public with their relationship on May 30, twelve days after the romance rumors initially popped up. Davidson and Grande confirmed their engagement on Friday, June 15. Five days later, TMZ reported the couple moved into an NYC apartment together. They have yet to announce a wedding date.

So could Aug. 4 be the big day? Unlike Cassandra Trelawney, we can't see the future. s just speculation. The numerology is cool and all, and that number obviously (and understandably) means a great deal to Davidson, but the wedding date theory is just a theory. Maybe it'll happen on Aug. 4, maybe it won't. Either way, all of the congrats to these two lovebirds.