The One Shopping Rule You Need To Follow During Mercury Retrograde

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Even if you're not super into astrology, you've heard of Mercury retrograde all over social media. The phenomenon is said to impact everything from communication to technology to transportation and, yes, even shopping. That's why the one shopping rule to follow during Mercury retrograde is so important. This period is not one where you want to be making any rash decision, and that means you shouldn't make impulse purchases during retrograde.

Mercury is said to control everything from tech to relationships, and when the planet is in retrograde, things can get pretty messy. From phone problems to exes coming out of the woodwork, Mercury retrograde can be a rough one. That's is why it's so important to slow down and reflect on your decisions during this time instead of charging forward.

Mercury is also said to control smaller things within the categories of tech, transportation, and communication, like clear thinking and the way people understand one another. Part of getting through Mercury retrograde is stopping yourself from making impulsive decisions that can come back to haunt you. For people who love a good deal, impulse shopping could be a major source of angst this Mercury retrograde.

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In 2019, summer's Mercury retrograde falls between July 7 and July 31, and right in the middle of that period is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, Amazon Prime Day. For those with serious shopping habits, the massive sales happening at the huge online retailer can be majorly tempting, especially with deep discounts on more expensive items like electronics.

However, since the one shopping rule you need to follow is to not buy something simply because you want to, events like Amazon Prime Day are bound to create some problems for those who don't heed the warning of Mercury retrograde.

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According to HuffPost, buying large purchases is one of the top 10 things not to do during this time period. The publication says making large impulse buys can often lead to regret or finding that an item you purchased may not fit correctly after all or goes on sale immediately after. No one likes when that happens.

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According to pop culture astrologist Kyle Thomas shopping during Mercury retrograde comes down to not having all the information you may need to make. Thomas says, "With Mercury spinning backwards in the sky, our thought process is a bit more scattered and we don't have all of the information that we may need."

Don't worry, though, if you just can't fight your urge to get that incredible new outfit because Thomas has some advice on how to do it saying, "However, one way you can beat these odds is to get insurance on your purchase, get a receipt and keep it, as well as take a photo of the receipt and email it to yourself. This will allow you to have a backup in case you decide your purchase was not the best fit for you."

If you feel the itch to do some major shopping, even if the deal seems too good to pass up, you may just want to consider taking a step back. With Mercury in retrograde, making purchases on impulse is the one thing you shouldn't do when shopping.