The One TV Show That Needs A Revival In 2017 Is 'The O.C.'

Warner Bros. Television

2016 will forever be known as the year that gave us the Gilmore Girls revival which, thanks to Netflix, was an event enjoyed by fans all around the world. Since Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was such a success, the series has hopefully opened the door to even more revivals, and there are plenty of '90s and '00s teen shows that deserve their own reboots. As far as I'm concerned, a 2017 revival of this TV show would be especially welcome, because we could all use some extra sunshine in our lives right now. It's time The O.C. Season 5 happened, right?

Starting in 2003, The O.C. ran for four seasons, which is not nearly enough if you ask me. Not only did the series introduce us to the talents of its young stars, it provided us with a lifestyle to aspire to. There was something so satisfying about watching people's lives unfurl in The O.C., especially since every episode let the audience indulge in the show's beautiful California setting. I can't be the only one who wants to find out if Summer and Seth stayed together and started a family. Also, as a big Autumn Reeser fan, I'd love to know if Taylor and Ryan got back together or not.


While 2016 provided us with some amazing TV shows, like the Gilmore Girls revival, new creations like Stranger Things and The OA had an altogether much darker vibe. This was totally appropriate considering the events of 2016, but I think we're pretty much all in agreement that 2017 needs to be better and brighter. Rebooting one of the golden shows from our teens, back when life felt far simpler than it does now, would be the perfect thing to happen in the new year.

The stars of The O.C. have all gone on to create exciting content. Ryan Atwood's Ben McKenzie has played James Gordon in Gotham since 2014, and Adam Brody has been starring in independent movies like Yoga Hosers, Life Partners, and Sleeping With Other People. Since Rachel Bilson's show Hart Of Dixie wrapped in 2015, the actor is ready for a new challenge right now, so what better time to bring back her character Summer Roberts? It makes sense, guys.


Another reason we should reboot The O.C. in 2017 is the show's enthusiasm for featuring music. The now iconic soundtrack of the original series is evidence that The Bait Shop is a timeless venue, and it'd be exciting to see current bands and stars rock up for a performance there. The Gilmore Girls revival had loads of fun with its musical guest stars and reinvigorated soundtrack, and the individuality of The O.C. means that the same could be done in any revival of the show.

With its enviable beaches, endless sunshine, and incredibly attractive cast, The O.C. is the perfect show to reboot in 2017. The world is ready for something good to happen, and an announcement that Season 5 is finally going to happen would give us all a lot to look forward to. I have all of my fingers crossed.