The 'Power Rangers' Post-Credits Scene Will Have Old School Fans Cheering


The new Power Rangers film is Hollywood's latest attempt to capitalize on '90s nostalgia, and it seems like they've succeeded. The movie promises the same fun, colorful action that were the hallmarks of the popular original series over 20 years ago, and the new film also includes references galore to the franchise's glory days; including new versions of many popular characters. But while many nods are made to the Power Rangers' past in the movie, not everything from the '90s could be squeezed into the film's runtime — which is where the Power Rangers post-credits scene comes in. Spoilers ahead.

The rangers featured in the film are the core five: The red (Jason), blue (Billy), pink (Kimberly), yellow (Trini), and black (Zack) rangers. But old school fans of the original series will remember that there was a sixth ranger: Tommy Oliver, the green (and later white) ranger, and he was the most powerful of them all. Although Tommy is not in the film, he is alluded to in the post-credits scene. See, in the movie, the five Power Rangers — remember, they're high school students — first meet in detention. Once the credits roll, they once again find themselves back in detention after saving the world. And while the teacher is taking attendance, he calls the name of one student who is apparently absent: Tommy Oliver. The camera then pans over to an empty desk with a green jacket. BOOM. Tommy's going to be in the sequel as the green ranger.


Well, that's to be inferred from the scene anyway, assuming there will be a sequel. The movie wasn't cheap to make, with a $100 million production budget and a marketing budget that's probably close to that number, meaning that it will need to make a substantial amount of money to qualify as a hit and justify a sequel. However, that hasn't stopped studios Saban and Lionsgate from dreaming big, as they currently are planning on producing a whopping five sequels. Surely, Tommy would fit in there somewhere — and it wouldn't be the first time he appeared in a Power Rangers movie.

Back in 1995, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie was released at the height of the TV show's popularity. By then, Tommy had already "morphed" from the green ranger to the white ranger (who had a super dope costume), and he was also the team leader in the film. You can check out the original trailer for that film below, and note how Tommy is pretty much constantly front and center for the team.

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The Power Rangers' end-credits scene definitely makes it seem like Tommy Oliver is going to show up in a sequel as the green ranger, which should make fans of the old TV series very excited.