The 'Raven’s Home' Theme Song Is A Charming Sequel To The 'That’s So Raven' Opening

Everyone’s favorite Disney Channel original psychic will come back to the small screen on July 21, and lucky us, she will be bringing another catchy theme song along with her. On Tuesday, Disney unveiled the wonderfully charming opening titles for Raven’s Home. Performed by series stars Raven-Symoné, Navia Robinson, Issac Ryan Brown, Jason Maybaum, Sky Katz, and Anneliese van der Pol, the original theme for the That’s So Raven spinoff is as catchy as it is adorable.

Raven’s Home reunites That’s So Raven best friends Raven (Raven-Symoné) and Chelsea (van der Pol), now single moms who live in the same house with their three combined kids. Raven’s son, Booker (Brown), happens to have a very special power. And yes, this very special power happens to be the same very special power that his mom has. However, Booker doesn’t know that Raven can see into the future, and Raven doesn’t know that Booker can see into the future. Let the psychic family sitcom shenanigans commence.

Much like the trailer for Raven's World, the opening credits are an absolute delight. Raven, Chelsea, Raven's twins Booker and Nia (Robinson), Chelsea's son Levi (Maybaum), and neighbor friend Tess (Katz) arrange candy-colored furniture around a living room. Oh, and there's a mishap involving a small fire and an extinguisher. All of it is a lovely, silly, and fun glimpse of what is to come when the show kicks off later on this month.

And for good measure, here’s the That’s So Raven theme song.

Oh, snap. This one's such a classic, and the Raven's Home tune is such a sweet followup. *Looks into the future.* Can't wait to keep humming both for the rest of the day.