The Things Most Likely To Make You Fall In Love With Someone, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


While astrology is definitely intriguing in many ways, it's the love aspects of the zodiac that are most likely to make people sit up and pay attention. I, for one, when reading my astrology, actually jump right to the love and relationship part, hoping to get a guarantee that I won't die alone. (Please, Universe! Give me a damn sign already!) But finding love, whether or not you adhere to the stars, is never easy. Even when presented with the reading of your birth chart, it's not as though the answers are laid out for you.

"Perhaps the most common reason that people come to me or search online for a birth chart reading is the search for direction," Psychic Medium Imelda Green tells Bustle. "This is the one word I would use to describe the main thing that people are in search of. This applies to love, finance, career, anything family related — it all comes back to direction... People (mistakenly) consider a birth chart reading to be a mystical map that will reveal the direction they should travel in. In my experience, the exact opposite is usually true. The motivation to get a birth chart reading should not be to see where you are going. It should be to see where you are right now with complete clarity."

So while, yes, there are definitely certain specifics attached to your sign, most of what you read in your horoscope should be seen clearly and taken as a guide as opposed to a fact. That being said, here are the things most likely to make you fall in love with someone, based on your zodiac sign — keeping in mind that none of these are black-and-white.