The Weeknd's New Album Has SO MANY References To Selena & Twitter Is Crying On His Behalf

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The Weeknd recently released "Pray for Me" for Black Panther, but that didn't dull the excitement for My Dear Melancholy, — another 2018 release from the Canadian R&B artist. And although it's an EP with just six songs, there are still plenty of Selena Gomez references on The Weeknd's new album. Gomez and The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) had a high-profile romance in 2017, so even without much warning about the album, fans were anticipating some mentions of Gomez. But that didn't prepare people for all of The Weeknd's lyrics about Gomez that showed up on My Dear Melancholy,.

The EP released on Friday, March 30 is The Weeknd's first album since 2016's Starboy. In between that time, he dated fellow singer Gomez for 10 months in 2017. The pair broke up in October 2017, and rumors that Gomez was back with her ex Justin Bieber started almost instantly. The on-again, off-again pair of Gomez and Bieber did end together again, but it was reported in early March that they were on a break. Still, Gomez and Bieber's current relationship status doesn't take away from the pain of The Weeknd's breakup from Gomez in 2017. And based on the My Dear Melancholy, lyrics, The Weeknd has been hurting.

The song that people undoubtedly believe is about Gomez is "Call Out My Name," but that doesn't mean that's the only time that The Weeknd may be referencing her on My Dear Melancholy,. And another one of his past romances also seems to pop up on the album with fans on Twitter debating which songs are about Gomez and which are about Bella Hadid. (The Canadian artist and the American model dated for a year and a half, but broke up in November 2016.)

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But with references to Gomez seemingly peppered throughout the EP, Twitter couldn't contain itself. So here are all the times that The Weeknd was very likely singing about his most recent ex.

"Falling For You Was A Mistake"

The EP's first song "Call Out My Name," kicks off with this line about helping someone out of a broken place (helping Gomez after Bieber?), but then he says falling for her was a mistake. Yet, the rest of the song indicates he's still not really over it even if it was a "mistake."

"Why Can't You Wait 'Til I Fall Out Of Love?"

If there were any doubts about who broke up with whom, this line pretty clearly states that The Weeknd was still in love with her when things ended. And the above Twitter user pointed out the parallels between this line and a lyric from his 2011 song, "The Birds (Part 2)."

"I Almost Cut A Piece Of Myself For Your Life"

The line that is understandably causing the most talk is this one, since Gomez revealed in September 2017 that she had a kidney transplant due to complications from lupus. So is The Weeknd being literal when he says he "almost cut a piece of myself" and that he wanted to donate his kidney to her? That's what many fans are thinking and if that's true, that's a jaw-dropping revelation.

"Just Another Pit Stop"

If somehow you still weren't sure that "Call Out My Name" is about Gomez, well, this line about The Weekend feeling like a "pit stop" sure seems to be referencing the fact that Gomez got back together with Bieber after dating him — 'cause no one wants to feel like a rebound.

"Wasted Times"

People are convinced The Weeknd is talking to Hadid in "Wasted Times." But that doesn't mean the song is not also a potential reference — and a major diss — to Gomez since he sings, "Wasted times I spent with someone else, she wasn't even half of you."

"You'd Rather Something Toxic"

In "I Was Never There," thoughts are that The Weeknd appears to be singing about Gomez choosing Bieber since this pair obviously has a bit of a tumultuous relationship.

"Enjoy Your Privileged Life"

The last song "Privilege" also may be about Gomez. Some think the title is a reference to when people thought Gomez didn't openly voice support for the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter. (This is said to have occurred in July 2016 when someone questioned why Gomez and Swift hadn't responded to police brutality.) Another lyric that points to Gomez? "And I don't wanna hear that you are suffering, You are suffering no more," which could be a reference to Gomez's medical condition.

In only six songs, The Weeknd was able to articulate a lot of heartache — and he managed to add a lot of fuel to the fire when it comes to gossip regarding his relationship with Gomez.