These Famous Names Are Getting In On The ‘Will & Grace’ Revival Party

Chris Haston/NBC

The majority of the excitement surrounding the return of Will & Grace has to do with seeing the foursome of Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack back in action again. But Will & Grace has always attracted celebrity guest stars, as fans of the original show also know. While many things have changed in the 11 years since the show was off the air, the cameos in Season 9, which premieres on Sept. 28, are going to be as high caliber as ever. From returning guest stars to new faces, the star power will be shining at a high wattage. So add that to the list of reasons why Will & Grace returning to NBC Thursdays really will make for the second coming of Must See TV.

Although guest stars are just the icing on the Will & Grace revival cake, celebs stopping by — whether they were playing themselves or portraying characters — was a core part of the original series. Actors and singers as renowned as Matt Damon, Glenn Close, James Earl Jones, Cher, Elton John, Madonna, Britney Spears, and even Macaulay Culkin showed up during the first run of Will & Grace. Many more famous faces appeared throughout the eight seasons and the reboot seems to be keeping that aspect of the sitcom intact.

In comparison to the celebrities who were on Will & Grace originally, the list of revival guest stars that have been revealed so far is short. Yet, the returning and new guest stars joining the series show a commitment to still featuring some supremely talented people. And as NBC has already added on additional episodes to Will & Grace Season 9 than they originally ordered and renewed it for a Season 10, there are plenty of opportunities to parade around prominent pals while not taking away from the storyline and the decade of catching up that viewers will need to do with their beloved Will Truman, Grace Adler, Karen Walker, and Jack McFarland.

So without further ado, here are the guest stars that have already been announced for Will & Grace Season 9:

Returning: Harry Connick Jr.

Even though Will & Grace will ignore the original series' finale, meaning that Grace will not have a daughter with her ex-husband Leo, Harry Connick Jr.'s character is still an important figure in Grace's life. The entertainer took time out of his schedule — which includes his NBC talk show Harry and his singing career — to make an appearance. (Fun fact: Both American Idol future judges Connick and Jennifer Lopez appeared on the original Will & Grace.)

Returning: Bobby Cannavale

Erasing the series finale also means that Will won't have a son with his partner Vince, portrayed by Bobby Cannavale. Yet, like Connick, Will's love will be making a return at some point during the new season. Cannavale has been no stranger to TV since he originally appeared on Will & Grace, with subsequent roles on Boardwalk Empire, Nurse Jackie, Vinyl, and Master Of None. You'll also be able to catch Cannavale on Mr. Robot in Season 3 this fall.

Returning: Minnie Driver

Unlike Leo or Vince, there's no love lost between Karen and Minnie Driver's Lorraine Finster, but that doesn't mean that fans won't be pumped to see Karen's nemesis return. TVLine revealed that Driver was able to appear even with her ABC show Speechless to reprise her role as Lorraine, who was Stan's mistress and ended up becoming Karen's stepdaughter after Karen married her father (John Cleese) very briefly.

Returning: Michael Angarano

Jack's son Elliot will be around and Michael Angarano will be back to play him again. Elliot met Jack in Season 3 when it was revealed his mom had used the sperm that Jack donated at a fertility clinic. Angarano has been keeping busy since his Will & Grace days; he appeared on Cinemax's The Knick and is currently on Showtime's I'm Dying Up Here.

New: Andrew Rannells & Jane Lynch

Andrew Rannells and Jane Lynch will be appearing in the same Will & Grace episode, according to The Hollywood Reporter (and the above silly Instagram video from Megan Mullally). Lynch most recently played Janet Reno in Manhunt: Unabomber along with hosting Hollywood Game Night. Rannells was in the 2016 Broadway revival of Falsettos and wrapped up Girls earlier this year. Both of these hilarious performers can sing, so cross your fingers for a musical number.

New/Returning: Kyle Bornheimer


Deadline reported that Kyle Bornheimer — who has appeared on shows like Casual, Westworld, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Playing House — will guest star in the premiere episode of the reboot as a security guard. No more details beyond that were revealed, though it should be noted that Bornheimer isn't entirely new to Will & Grace since he played a waiter alongside Vince (who was working undercover) in the Season 8 episode, "Cop To It." Perhaps Will will insult him again in the reboot.

New: Ben Platt

The Tony-award winning Dear Evan Hansen star will swap Broadway for TV to appear in an episode, Playbill reported. Eric McCormack let it slip at the show's Tribeca TV Festival panel that Platt (who also has been in the Pitch Perfect films) will play a love interest for Will.

New: Michelle Obama?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It hasn't been confirmed by another source, but In Touch claimed that an anonymous "insider" said that former First Lady Michelle Obama will be appearing on the show. While you shouldn't get your hopes up until an official announcement is made, Obama does have more time on her hands now, and Will & Grace has always been liberal. Plus, it's crazy to think that Will & Grace was already off the air before President Barack Obama was even in office.

Although this list of guest stars isn't as chock-full as the original series' list of guest stars was, you can expect plenty more celebs to join in on the fun asWill & Grace's second phase continues.