The Majority Of American Sex Toy Owners Have One Of These

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It's no surprise that the sex toy industry is huge business. Over the last several years it's gone from a small market that catered to a few, to a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow, and grow rapidly. One of the reasons it's doing so well is because more and more people are buying sex toys, as the quality and innovation of the toys becomes more exciting and competitive, leading to even more toys.

But while there are so many toys out there that are truly mind-blowing in their creativity, as sex toy retailer Lovehoney found, people still love the tried and true reliability that comes with the classic dildo, which unlike vibrators, are intended for penetration.. It was with this knowledge in mind that Lovehoney conducted a survey of 11,400 American sex toy owners to get their input on dildos.

What they found was that of those 11k+ respondents, 70 percent of them own at least one dildo. It also seems that dildo use gets more popular with age, as 71 percent of Americans over 40 (men and women) own one, compared to 68 percent of those between 18 and 30. Also, women corner the market on dildo ownership at 78 percent, compared to 64 percent of men.

But the survey didn't stop there. Here are the top 10 states for dildo ownership, according to Lovehoney.



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If you live in Iowa and own a dildo, then congratulations! You're living in a state with the highest dildo ownership in the country! With 42.3 percent of Iowans owning at least one dildo, it's safe to say this state loves their sex toy penetration.


New Jersey

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In second place, at 40.6 percent, we have the Garden State. Although New Jersey doesn't take the cake on this one, over 40 percent is still a very impressive percentage. You should be very proud, Jersey... New York didn't even make the cut, so you can finally make fun of them for something.



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With 39.7 percent of people in Illinois owning a dildo, this state comes in at number three on the list. Nice job, Illinois, rounding out the top three.



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Although politically one of the most important swing states, where Pennsylvania doesn't waiver is in their love of dildos. According to Lovehoney's survey, 38.8 percent of sex toy owners in Pennsylvania have a dildo in their collection.


North Carolina

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Although just two states away, in Alabama, there's still a law on the books that says it's illegal to buy any type of sex toy at all, North Carolina is sitting pretty in fifth place in the top 10 states for dildo ownership. In North Carolina, 36.5 percent of people own a dildo.



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In sixth place, with 35.3 percent of sex toy enthusiasts owning a dildo, you'll find Wisconsin. Dildos and cheddar cheese sounds like a winning Friday night combination to me.



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Although the survey doesn't say whether or not this includes D.C., I like to believe it does and that some of these people, the 35 percent of who own dildos, are politicians. If we had more dildos in Washington, we might have a more cheerful Congress. Orgasms really are a human being's best friend.



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Jumping way across the United States to Oregon, the survey found that 34.4 percent of those who have sex toys in this state have dildos amongst those toys.



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In Indiana, 34.1 percent of sex toy owners have at least one dildo to their name. Something tells me VP Mike Pence wouldn't be too keen to know that — maybe you should shoot for the number one spot next year, Indiana!



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And last, but certainly not least, is the beautiful state of California where 33.5 percent of people own dildos. Considering the population of California, this is great news.

Dildos are a great way to explore your sexuality. If you don't have a dildo and have been considering getting yourself one, then don't hesitate. There's a dildo out there for everyone.