These 3 Zodiac Signs May Come Off As Mean Without Realizing It

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Although many of us do not have the intention of being mean to someone, in some misunderstandings, we may come off that way without realizing it. And that's completely OK — as long as we clear the air with someone, and learn more from that interaction that could have potentially gone wrong, we can move forward. And if we want to make sure that people are not getting the wrong idea regarding our actions, and we put continue to put our best foot forward, there is always astrology to help us learn more about ourselves, as well as how others may perceive us. According to astrologers, there are a few zodiac signs that may come off mean unintentionally, though they are not mean people. Due to underlying personality traits — you know, the ones that are often associated with their sign — they might be more inclined to speak before thinking, criticize others, or accidentally come off as rude.

Things like that happen to the best of us, so it's not the end of the world. But being aware of this tendency can come in handy when it comes to having healthier friendships and relationships. "Sometimes we're not always aware of how we come across, and that we have the power to affect other people," astrologer and life coach Joshua MacGuire tells Bustle. But that's precisely why it's always a good idea to do a little self-reflection, and make sure that any and all energy that's going out into the world is as positive as possible.

That being said, it's always important to remember that not everyone will identify completely with their sign. Although different zodiac signs have different attributes, not all characteristics may pertain to you. Instead, the zodiac should be used as a guide to help with self-reflection, and offer further insights into the qualities you do identify with.

Here are three signs MacGuire says have the tendency to come off a bit mean if they aren't careful, as well as what they can do about it.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

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Scorpio can encounter a lot of ups and downs in life, and as a result are "often on 'survival mode,' which can give off an overly defensive, even abrasive communication style," MacGuire says. "They can sometimes come off as ... mean, because they're predisposed to paranoia, thinking that others are out to get them. They're just protecting themselves, but they can do that without subconsciously expecting the worst from other people."

And that's where Scorpio can stand to rethink how they interact with others, both for their own sake and everyone else's. "Scorpio can give people the benefit of the doubt more," MacGuire says. "If they stop expecting others are out to get them and start believing that there's a lot of good in the world, they'll be less apt to be defensive and more receptive to the kindness and generosity inherent in a lot of people."

Which is what they really want anyway, despite the tough or mean exterior they might accidentally display. "Scorpio has a side that really enjoys simple, innocent pleasure," says MacGuire. "They should focus on bringing this forth, so that it comes back to them."


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

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Sagittarius might have a tendency to speak before they think, and it can get them into trouble when it comes to their relationships. "They want to get to the truth of the matter in the fastest, most direct way possible. Therefore, they often 'shoot from the hip' and don't take into consideration how what they say might make others feel," MacGuire says. "They share their very strong opinions very frankly," and it can come off as mean — even though they're often just trying to be helpful."

So, in order to prevent themselves from hurting other people and damaging relationships, "Sagittarius should realize that other people are more sensitive than themselves, and that taking a little time to soften their delivery ... might be for the greater good," MacGuire says. "They could give more credence to the feeling side of things, realizing that people will be more receptive to their pontificating if it's delivered with a gentler hand." Once a Sagittarius learns to talk to people this way, everyone will be able to see how lovable they really are.


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

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If a Capricorn ever comes across as mean, it's usually due to some heaviness they're carrying around. "Belabored with too much responsibility early in life, Capricorn had to suppress their feelings in order to 'carry on' despite their feeling state," MacGuire says. "As adults ... Capricorn is quick to dismiss other people's feelings, cutting them off, because they're afraid of their own." And when it comes to being a friend, or sharing feelings in a relationship, this can cause them to seem colder than they actually are.

But there is plenty of hope, should a Capricorn feel like they're being misunderstood. "Capricorn can realize that feelings don't make them weak, and if they start identifying, understanding, and respecting their own, they're likely to feel so much better, and then care more about how other people feel," MacGuire says. "They can still give their realistic, practical perspective, but perhaps while realizing that in the 'real world' people make decisions based upon their emotions —considering how they make other people feel, therefore, becomes a practical endeavor."

While everyone's entitled to a bad mood, and everyone can have their fair share of negativity, there are some signs that can come off as "mean" more often than others. But with a few simple tweaks, they can easily share their feelings, and be better understood.