These Are The 3 Most Unreasonable Zodiac Signs

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Each and every zodiac sign has the ability to be unreasonable at times. We've all had that moment of being irrationally upset when things don't go our way, and everyone has the potential to be closed-minded and self-centered. But due to their characteristics, there are three zodiac signs that are more prone to arguments because they may be more unreasonable.

The thing is, their unreasonableness is often a negative side effect of an extremely positive trait. Take a sign's ability to make (and stick) with decisions, for example. "All the signs have their gifts, but every gift is also a curse," Joshua MacGuire, a Los Angeles psychic, astrologer and life coach, tells Bustle. An ability to make decisions sure can be a good thing, but it can also make someone come off as close-minded, and occasionally unreasonable, if they aren't willing to budge or change their plans.

Of course it's important to remember that not all people will identify completely with their signs, but instead, should use their sign as a guide to better understand themselves, and how they interact with others. It's in moments like these that being aware, and making an effort to balance out negative traits with positive ones, can really come in handy. "By understanding ourselves better, we can make the decision to offset our foibles and be who we want to be, regardless of our astrological sign," MacGuire says. Here are the three signs that tend to be the most unreasonable in life, as well as a few tricks they can use to be more open-minded, and get along better with others.


Leo (July 23 - August 22)

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Leo is one of the most generous and big-hearted signs of the zodiac. As MacGuire says, "Ruled by the sun, their warmth runs second to none." They're naturally thoughtful friends, and incredibly giving when it comes to their relationships.

The thing is, "as the center of our solar system, they can [also] have trouble seeing past their own wants and needs," MacGuire says. "When one is only able to perceive their perspective, they [might] be ... unreasonable, not considering or even caring about the other person's point of view."

There is good news, though, in that it's fairly easy for Leo to find that middle path between these two parts of their personality, and be more reasonable as a result. "If they realize that by choosing to see through others' eyes, they're doing so much more for them than they could ever imagine," MacGuire says. "When this happens, their love will deepen and they'll experience an even deeper level of happiness."


Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

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Among Capricorn's most glowing qualities, you'll find their strong sense of responsibility, their strength as leaders, and their desire to always do the right thing. "The problem is, that they're human, and sometimes they don't," MacGuire says. Capricorn is one sign that can really care what other people think of them, so they're often quick to lie in order to cover up their mistakes.

"When they err, their ultra-sensitivity to how they appear [makes] them create their own version of the truth that doesn't align with how others perceive the facts," MacGuire says. "When they do this, they [might] ground themselves to their lies, having convinced themselves of them, even in the face of evidence — probably to protect their consciousness. They can be unreasonable because they can refute the truth in favor of a more flattering theme."

With a little effort, it's certainly a trait that can be balanced out. And often that means Capricorn needs to allow themselves to make mistakes, and accept the consequences with grace. "If Capricorn can find the honor in admitting their mistakes and being human, they'll gain even more respect from others by being more reasonable," he says. "Also, if Capricorn can learn that all truths are true to those who believe them, they can 'agree to disagree' and move forward with more harmonious relations."


Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

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If anyone's going to make a decision and stick with it, it's Aquarius. "Aquarians have extremely strong minds; once they get ... set on something, nothing can stop them," MacGuire says. It's a great quality to have. But it can mean this sign is often a bit rigid, and a tad unreasonable as a result.

"Their power of fixed thought ... means that it's sometimes impossible to get them to change their minds," MacGuire says. "They can be unreasonable in that they close themselves off to other ideas that may be beneficial. They sometimes simply refuse to even entertain other options because they think everything through and are confident about their logic."

The best way for Aquarius to find balance is to remain open-minded. "As an innovator and inventor, Aquarius knows there are infinite possibilities, some of which they have not considered," MacGuire says. "The idea of newness and freshness may tempt Aquarius to be more flexible in [their] thinking, because they're always interested in finding a new and better way. With the potential of discovery front of mind, Aquarians can become more flexible in their thinking because they're always keen to learn something new."

By making small changes like these — and playing to their strengths, in order to shut down mad habits — even the most unreasonable sigs of the zodiac can learn to find balance, and be more open-minded. And that's definitely something the rest of us should keep in mind, too.