These 'Avengers 4' Theories About Gamora Are So Legit

Spoilers ahead. It's already been over a month since Infinity War came out, but everyone who saw the third Avengers movie is still grappling over the film's shocking ending. Fans of the MCU have been busy since Thanos wiped out half of the earth's population, and already, they've come up with so many theories about how Avengers 4 might play out given the catastrophe that preceded it. The top Gamora theories for Avengers 4 reveal that there's hope yet, both for the green goddess and for the Avengers as a whole.

Many of the leading theories for Avengers 4 suggest that Gamora (Zoe Saldana) will play an integral role in undoing Thanos' destruction. Even though the end credits scene with Nick Fury calling Captain Marvel suggest that the Avengers' only hope lies in that hero (played by Brie Larson), that doesn't mean that Gamora won't also play a part in bringing back the half of Earth's inhabitants that disappeared into thin air.

Out of all of the many theories circulating about Avengers 4, the most compelling revolve around Gamora. Not only is Peter Quill's (Chris Pratt) love interest necessary to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies — which has a third installment coming up — but she is also essential to the MCU overall. The MCU has a lack of women of color, and it would be a huge loss for representation if Gamora's death stayed permanent for the next Avengers movie. Fortunately, a lot of the theories about the character's future suggest she will survive after all.


Gamora Isn't Actually Dead, She's Trapped In The Soul World

As Screen Rant points out, the orange setting in which Thanos imagines seeing a young Gamora near the end of Infinity War resembles the Marvel comics' Soul World. Since Thanos swapped Gamora's life for the Soul Stone, that could mean he trapped his adopted daughter in the Soul World rather than killing her. While she isn't exactly alive in the Avengers' universe, Gamora still could live — possibly as a child — within the realm inside the Soul Stone.

This theory holds even more weight due to the fact that Infinity War's director, Joe Russo, confirmed that the child version of Gamora was, in fact, inside the Soul World, CBR reported. If anyone can get her out of there, it's likely that she will end up saving the world from her evil adopted father.


Adam Warlock Could Free Gamora And Help Her Stop Thanos

In the Marvel comic Infinity Gauntlet, which Infintiy War is based on, a character called Adam Warlock helps stop Thanos by traveling to the Soul World. As Screenrant reports, Adam Warlock transfers Gamora's soul to a new body in Infinity Gauntlet, thereby freeing the Guardian of the Galaxy character. According to Polygon, Adam Warlock isn't expected to be introduced into the MCU until Guardians 3, which is supposed to come out after Avengers 4 in 2020. If that's the case, then he might not be the one to transfer Gamora's soul from inside the Soul World, but you never know, really.


Gamora Will Have An Influence Over Thanos From The Soul Stone

The most tragic death in Infinity War was undoubtedly Gamora's. After all, Thanos revealed that he had true feelings of love for her, but to prove that he killed her. Say what? A theory posited by Nerdist suggests that any test of love that requires one to sacrifice the only person you care for cannot end well for the murderer. Remember how the Avengers (namely, Captain America) kept saying "We don't trade lives?" Well, maybe that meant a lot more than just that the Avengers have more integrity than Thanos.

Even though Thanos did get to wipe out half the universe by collecting every Infinity Stone, maybe he will ultimately lose as the young Gamora weighs on his conscience. It can't mean nothing that a younger version of Gamora came back to ask Thanos if it was all "worth it" at the end of Infinity War. Gamora's presence in the Soul World may end up haunting Thanos to the point where he cannot continue his vicious ways any longer — even if he's not aware of her moral influence, she may be able to change Thanos' mind through his visions of her.


Gamora's Appearance As A Child Proved That Thanos Failed

One of the more hair-splitting theories suggests that since the young Gamora showed up in Thanos' memory towards the end of Infinity War, he didn't actually succeed in balancing the universe as he'd intended. As Screenrant points out, Gamora had died before Thanos snapped his fingers and cleared out half of Earth's population. But then the big bad's adopted daughter showed up as a child after the finger-snapping destruction. That means that the child vision of Gamora showed up immediately after Thanos had restored Earth's balance, thereby un-balancing it again.

It's unclear what exactly that means, but if the young Gamora is able to appear outside of the orange world you see her in at the end of the movie, it will probably mean that Thanos failed and everything will have to go back to the way it was.


Gamora Is Actually Dead For Good

The most heartbreaking theory of course posits that Gamora is actually dead, because so many other Avengers 4 theories suggest that other superheroes will be the ones to swoop in and save the day. Whether it be Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, or Captain America, it seems possible that Gamora's death could be final in Avengers 4, meaning that the Guardian won't actually help the Avengers bring back all of the vaporized victims of Thanos' deranged mission.

Since four out of five of the leading Gamora theories suggest that Saldana's awesome character will survive, this should give you some hope while waiting for Avengers 4 to come out in May 2019.