These 'Love Island' Memes Will Make You Cackle Into Your Personalised Water Bottle

Love Island / ITV

Can you believe it's back? It's summer 2019 and love is 100 percent in the air. It's far too hot for pies but the perfect temperature for pieing off. Yes y'all, that time is here and you know that the Love Island 2019 memes are about to be as lit as the fire in the contestants' loins.

Ah yes, memes. The perfect accompaniment to reality TV. And you guys know damn well that this show, which is not just a show but a phenomenon, is about as meme-worthy as it gets.

Whether it's being mugged off, staying loyal, make ups and break ups, or people blow drying their eyelashes — if you are looking for world class internet content, look no further.

Everyone knows summer is about to be a bit of a write off, as evenings are booked for the next (potentially) nine to ten weeks. Anyone who has the actual audacity to ask you to do anything during those holy hours when the show is on, needs to be benched until the season finale.

The thing is, you just have to lean in. Accept that evenings aren't going to be the same for quite some time, which can be a little tough to digest.

I mean who even needs a social life anyway, am I right?

In this life, prioritising timeliness is important. You can't be late for the important moments.

It's kind of awkward when someone says they aren't keen on watching Love Island. I just don't get what other plans they could have.

The wait has felt like forever and now you're in the last stretch towards true entertainment.

Hey, who says it has to mean an end to social interactions? Watching the show with friends can be just as fun. Well, as long as they don't talk at all.

Everyone is dying to know what kind of people are going into the villa. What form of human being will be on screen? Guessing is a dangerous game but with moves like this, you can probably predict what types most of the guys are.

Guessing about potential love matches is also a dangerous game but some fans are already hedging their bets.

I guess if you're a true fan and really watch the show, you know it has its flaws. Yet we just keep coming back.

Yes, it is a bit silly but in a way, Love Island heralds the true dawn of summer.

Summer, a time to get super comfy and cosy. Wait, that's winter. Oh, forget it. Who cares? This show is lit.

You're excited for good reason.

Love Island is not only a show, it is a cultural explosion.

There are even effing poems about it.

Every year has its lotharios. Or at least people who seem to think they are.

And guys, unfortunate celeb look-a-likes are always a thing.

Even if Anton wasn't winning over too many fans on his first appearance.

His chat was very much not setting viewers' souls alight.

Joe came through with everything a person could want. Sandwiches.

Even if his style might be a bit off.

And Lucie low key ran straight for him, which left Michael on the subs bench.

Guys with memes like this, only one episode in — looks like this season might be the best yet.

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