The 'This Is Us' Cast Is Back In Action

The Pearson family is back to work and busy sharing their reunion on social media. Now that filming on This Is Us Season 2 has begun, as HelloGiggles points out, the cast is posting pictures of both the goofy and spoiler variety. From Sterling K. Brown's sweet family photo to a hint that the show is going back to the beginning again, these This Is Us Season 2 photos preview at least one unexpected development when the show returns this fall.

While the series is a family drama, fans know This Is Us is the master of the tearjerker plot twist. The pilot episode established the show can and will happily challenge everything you think you know about the Pearsons at any given minute. Now, it looks like Season 2 may return to the beginning of the story once more. Creator Dan Fogelman shared a photo on Twitter that strongly hints that the Big Three's birthday will come into play again this year, and Mandy Moore's Instagram story suggests at least one major dream of Jack's will come true.

Before things get too spoilery, you have to bask in the beauty of Brown, Moore, and Milo Ventimiglia's first day back on the set selfie. Not only are they all smiles, the trio appear to be genuinely happy to step back into the world of the Pearsons together. Even with a couple of family members missing, this Pearson portrait is beautiful.

This picture doesn't tell you anything about Season 2, aside from how wonderful the cast is, but sometimes that's enough. Besides, there are other, potentially spoiler-filled photos just waiting to be poured over for clues. For instance, there's this shot from Fogelman that could be a throwback photo from Season 1 or a promise of more early era Jack and Rebecca action to come.

Either this is a shot from last season, or Season 2 will revisit the day the Big Three came into the world. It's hard to imagine what else could have transpired on that busy day, but Fogelman must have his reasons for sharing. And not just to make a well-timed baby pun. It's possible Rebecca's initial apprehension about adopting Randall will be explored more, or that she's simply remembering the day her children were born. There may even be an entirely different point of view the series plans on tackling, like maybe the grandparents meeting the babies for the first time.

Fogelman also shared the smallest snippet from the Season 2 premiere script. It looks like Randall and his mom have a movie date, and you know that's going to lead to something interesting — like maybe a heartfelt discussion about adoption now that Randall is determined to expand his family.

As intriguing as those photos are, they don't have anything on Moore's Instagram story. Rebecca Pearson herself may have made a huge reveal about what's next for Jack, so if you don't want to be potentially spoiled, look away now.

Are the spoiler-adverse folks gone? Good, behold this:

That's right, Jack might actually get to launch his dream construction business after all. Remember, the Pearson patriarch gives up on the idea of being his own boss after he realizes just how expensive raising three kids is going to be. He opts for a lucrative job that doesn't make him happy instead.

Maybe the big fight between Jack and Rebecca at the end of Season 1 prompts the dad of three to follow his wife's lead and do what makes him happy. Starting Big Three Homes could be another source of contention for the couple, but it could also open the door to a chapter of Jack's life the show hasn't explored yet.

These intriguing Season 2 clues are further proof that the Pearson family's story is still just beginning.