Even Ariana Grande Is A Fan Of This Ridiculous Meme Of Her & Pete Swapping Hairstyles

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got engaged, fans have been trying to wrap their heads around it all, and Twitter has been on fire with memes related to the new couple... and the latest even has the singer's approval. There's a ridiculously amazing meme of Grande and Davidson with their hair swapped, and if you haven't already seen it, you need to.

On Wednesday night, Grande shared the photo on her Twitter, showing off the truly incredible Photoshop job that must've made this meme possible. It's taken from a candid shot of Grande and Davidson walking together, but he's sporting her famous high ponytail while she's got his short blonde haircut. You know how they say that there's always that point where couples start looking alike? They haven't been together that long, so this picture gives us a good preview of what their future could hold.

"Honestly? Not too f*ckin' shabby," Grande wrote when she shared the picture.

It's hard to disagree with her. Ignoring how honestly silly the photo looks, it's a masterpiece in its own right. If you didn't know better (or thought that Davidson has been growing his hair out for the last several years), you might think this photo was real. OK, maybe you wouldn't, but the point is that the editing is pretty impressive.

Based on the "adam.the.creator." watermark in middle, it appears the meme was made by @adam.the.creator on Twitter and Instagram, who later retweeted Grande's post.

Understandably, the replies to Grande's tweet are true gold. Fans couldn't help but weigh in, which makes sense. Just look at this photo. How could you not have at least a few thoughts to share about this? Davidson and Grande have swapped hairstyles. He has a long ponytail. Just look at him!

A lot of people had to point out the obvious: The fact that Grande looks like a couple of other famous women with a similar haircut, and the comparisons to Ellen DeGeneres and Amber Rose were rampant.

For the record, Davidson looks like a rock star because he is sporting Grande's signature hairstyle, and she is actually pretty rock star herself, so that one makes sense.

This fan couldn't believe that neither of these people were Justin Bieber:

And this one couldn't believe how much Davidson looked like a dad living out his glory days with his college friends, which is actually very valid commentary on his look in this photo.

But perhaps the truest tweet of all is the one that pointed out the fact that somehow, Grande and Davidson don't actually look that bad having swapped hairstyles. Maybe that's a sign that these two people are truly meant to be together?

Considering the response to Grande and Davidson's whirlwind relationship and then engagement news, she's been keeping a very good sense of humor about the whole thing, and this meme is just more evidence of that. Although she's definitely put her foot down, like when she tweeted in defense of her quick engagement (and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's as well) to let fans know that she's not messing around, she's also been all about joking about their relationship as well. Remember her since-deleted tweet referencing Davidson's supposed penis size?

People already have a lot of opinions about Davidson and Grande, but what's most important is that they love each other and seem really happy together. And that if there was ever some sort of disaster that switched their hairstyles permanently, they'd both still look good.

Grande and Davidson's relationship is still new (even if they are making plans to be together forever), so this meme is likely just the beginning of many more wonderful ones to come. Times like this is when the internet truly shines, isn't it?