Colton's Fantasy Suite 'Bachelor' Episode Will Include An Unexpected Guest

ABC/Eric McCandless

The moment Bachelor fans have been waiting for all season is almost here. Colton really will do the already legendary fence jump on Monday, March 4's episode of the dating series, Good Morning America has confirmed. The morning show also premiered a new Bachelor sneak peek that shows Cassie's dad returning to the show for a heart-to-heart with his daughter.

As the new clip reminds viewers, Cassie's father was pretty reluctant to give Colton his blessing to propose to her during the Hometown dates. "As far as the hand in marriage, that would be a premature blessing," Cassie's dad told Colton. The visit caused some tension between Cassie and her family, too, with the Bachelor contestant telling her family she wanted them to trust her.

It looks like there was still some of that tension between Cassie and her dad when he showed up at The Bachelor's filming during the fantasy suite week. According to the clip, Cassie's dad didn't get to say everything he wanted to say to his daughter in Huntington Beach. "When I saw Cassie at our house last week, I can't say that I was convinced she was in love," Cassie's dad admitted in the new sneak peek. "I wanted you guys to be really supportive," Cassie responded in the preview.

Cassie might want her family's support, but last week she admitted to her sister that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be engaged at the end of the show's filming. And when Colton tried to open up about his feelings for Cassie, she didn't tell him in return that she was falling in love with him, too. It looks like that hesitance is still on Cassie's mind in the new preview — as we see her admit to her dad she wishes she and Colton could have "more time" together before the potential proposal.

Aside from Cassie's dad's surprise visit, the new GMA sneak peek also featured Colton's fence jump. Fans still don't know why the Bachelor star felt the need to escape his surroundings by any means necessary, but it definitely looks dramatic.

Chris Harrison also talked to GMA about the fence jump, explaining that he was tailing Colton, "trying to get him to stop and have a conversation." The Bachelor host added, "He clearly didn't want to have that conversation, to the point he was wiling to launch himself over a wall."

It makes sense that the fence jump scene is coming tonight, as the season is almost over. And Colton probably wouldn't jump away when there were just two people left in the competition. Still, it's exciting to know that the much-hyped moment is almost here.

In a separate preview for Monday's Bachelor episode, the three remaining contestants talked about their relationships with Colton ahead of the fantasy suite dates. It sounds like the ladies are excited to potentially take the next step in their relationships with Colton, and he seems on board, too. In the clip, Colton said he's "excited" for the overnight dates — so it looks like he has no idea about whatever's coming that makes him jump over the fence.

Colton also admitted in the second preview that he's "falling for all three women" who are still on the show. Between the fantasy suites, the surprise visit from Cassie's dad, and the fence jump, this really might be the most dramatic Bachelor episode of the season.