Urban Outfitters Is Selling A Cozy Corgi Costume Just In Time For Halloween

by Megan Grant
Urban Outfitters

Put away your old Harley Quinn getup. Forget whatever cheesy couples costume you and your boo were considering this year. Now, you can dress up as a giant corgi this Halloween, thanks to a one-piece corgi costume available from Urban Outfitters. The ensemble is everything you've dreamed of and more — down to the little stub tail. Woof.

I'm not sure when exactly it happened, but somewhere along the way, we all became obsessed with corgis, and for a good reason. The giant ears and tiny head that definitely don't go together and look completely disproportionate ... the round, fluffy bodies ... the way their hips seem to sway when they walk, exuding confidence, sass, and just a little bit of pizzazz ... it's hard not to fall in love with corgis. They're beautiful. They're soft. And they know it. And hey, even Queen Elizabeth is a fan. So clearly, corgis are doing something right.

Our attempts to corgify our lives have been valiant thus far. The corgi race in California was a good start, and what a photo opportunity! Bangkok's corgi cafe was cute and everything. The light-up Halloween corgi at Target is a winner, and Urban Outfitter's corgi dishware is a must-have, I'll admit.

But I'm sorry, can you think of anything better than actually becoming a corgi? Of course not. Behold, this corgi Halloween costume currently selling at Urban Outfitters.

The one-piece outfit has buttons down the front, perfect for quick bathroom breaks. The legs are banded and tapered, making it the optimal fit. And! It's got a giant hood, so if you want to slip it over your head and ignore people completely, you totes can. Note the corgi face on said hood.

Plus, because the costume is super baggy, you'll have plenty of room to hide snacks and Halloween candy under there. And Urban Outfitters doesn't even charge extra for that!

That's not all, though. Don't pack this bad boy away once Halloween has ended, because it doubles as a pajama onesie, and I'm sorry, but is this heaven? Because it certainly feels like heaven. If you're not a grown adult going to bed each night dressed as a corgi, what are you even doing with your life?

I know that most of us will stop there. But if you're a real corgi fanatic and want to take things to a more extreme level, UO has you covered — starting with these corgi slippers that look insanely comfy.

Oh, and by the way? They're USB-powered and can heat up, so your little toesies will stay nice and toasty even on a chilly Halloween night.

You could also go for this corgi backpack, which is pretty lifelike, if you ask me. Don't you think this will match perfectly with your full-body corgi costume and heated corgi slippers? Me too. And now you've got one more place to store all the Halloween candy you're going to steal from young and impressionable children. Bonus.

This Halloween is going to be lit, and something tells me you're going to be the most attractive person at the party. It's a big job, but somebody's got to do it.

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