Lizzie McGuire’s Mom & Brother Reunited, So Brace Yourself For This Nostalgic Photo

by Kristie Rohwedder

Like a glitter-shellacked butterfly clip that you find in the bottom of your desk drawer in the middle of a spring cleaning frenzy, this is sure to stir up some Extremely Aughts Memories. Matt McGuire and Jo McGuire from Lizzie McGuire reunited and took a photo earlier this week. OK, the actors who played Lizzie McGuire's brother and mom on Disney Channel Original Series Lizzie McGuire reunited, but hey, close enough. On Sunday, Aug. 26, Jake Thomas attended a screening of The Last Champion, a movie starring and co-written by Hallie Todd. At some point during the event, the two Lizzie McGuire alums snapped a pic together, and Matt McGuire kindly shared the image with his Instagram followers.

Thomas wrote in the caption,

"My TV mom! So proud of @hallietodd and her family (@ivywithrow @glennwithrow) for the fantastic film that they put together (@thelastchampionfilm)! #lizziemcguire”

The last time we saw the McGuires, Matt and Jo were playing tug-o-war with a vacuum and a clump of dust the size of a RoboSapien. (Yes, that really is what happened on the final episode of Lizzie McGuire.) And 14 years later, here they are. Their days of battling over a makeshift dust bunny museum are long behind them.

Sadly, it looks like the behemoth of a dust bunny did not make the invite list. But if we are being frank, that is probably for the best. If Matt, Jo, and the pièce de résistance of the dust museum all took a photo together in 2018, every Lizzie McGuire fan on the planet would probably start scream-singing "What Dreams Are Made Of" and never stop.

Anyway, here's the mini Lizzie McGuire reunion.

And now that the nostalgia bottle has been uncorked, why not enjoy some more of the mini Lizzie McGuire reunions that have happened over the last few years? Are you ready to see Tudgeman (Kyle Downs), Matt (Thomas), and Ethan Craft (Clayton Snyder) hanging out over a decade after they all graduated from junior high? Ready or not, here it is.

And here is a side-by-side of Miranda (Lalaine) and Gordo (Adam Lamberg) in 2002 and in 2015.

Wow, Lizzie McGuire probably never expected her younger brother, Matt, would grow up and become oh-so chummy with her crush, Ethan Craft, but life sure knows how to keep a gal with a cartoon alter ego on her platform shoe-wearing toes, doesn't it?

Here are Ethan Craft and Miranda at a pool party.

Here are Matt, Ethan Craft, and Miranda then vs. Matt, Ethan Craft, and Miranda now.

And here is Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) out bowling with one of her best friends and her younger brother.

Could all of these mini reunions come together and create one big Lizzie McGuire reunion one day? It sounds like it is not not possible. When BuzzFeed asked Duff if she'd ever be down to reboot the Disney Channel sitcom back in June, the Younger star replied,

"Honestly, the idea sounded terrible two years ago when reboots were happening, but you never know. I don't know. I loved Lizzie McGuire and it might be really fun to see where she is now."

Hey, now. Hey, now. This is what nostalgia's made of.