Meghan Markle Is Returning To The Big Screen, But There's A Catch

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The Duchess of Sussex is returning to the big screen, but it's not quite a new movie fans might be hoping for. One of Meghan Markle's past films has been picked up by distribution, with plans for it to be released in theaters later this year. The movie — called The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down — was filmed back in 2010, right before Markle landed her breakthrough role as Rachel Zane on Suits.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Artist Rights Distribution for North America picked up the movie, which is described as a "tongue-in-cheek look at twenty-something singles clubbing and partying in Los Angeles." Based on a 2006 independent film of the same name, The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down featured Markle as a party girl named Dana, as well as comedians Adam Pally and Max Greenfield in early roles. The film originally aired in 2011 as a TV movie, and is described on IMDB as a "funny & somewhat outrageous," story that "gives partiers helpful tips about which substances should not be mixed, how to approach potential hook-ups ... and basically have a good time without completely destroying yourself."

Before she and Prince Harry tied the knot in April 2017, two more of Markle's former films gained new attention, as fans clamored to watch the Hallmark romances When Sparks Fly and The Dater's Handbook before Markle officially became a duchess.

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Though The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down will likely be released later this year, royal watchers shouldn't expect Markle to return to her acting roots any time soon. In 2017, shortly after she and Prince Harry announced their engagement, Markle told the BBC that she was giving up acting in order to focus on more charitable efforts now that she was joining the Royal Family.

"What’s been really exciting, as we talk about this as the transition out of my career... is that the causes that have been very important to me, I can focus even more energy on," she said in the couple's first joint interview. "You realize that as you have access, or a voice that people are willing to listen to, [it comes with] a lot of responsibility, which I take seriously."

She continued, "I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change. It’s a new chapter." Markle also revealed that the overwhelming success of Suits also made it easier to walk away. "Keep in mind I’ve been working on my show for seven years. We were very fortunate to have that sort of longevity on a series," she explained. "For me, once we hit the 100 episode marker, I thought, I have ticked this box and I feel really proud of the work we’ve done there and now it’s time to work as a team with [Harry]."

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Despite her close relationship with her former cast mates — many of whom attended the Royal Wedding in WindsorSuits' creator Aaron Korsch confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Markle wouldn't return for the show's ninth and final season. "We're not currently pursuing asking Meghan Markle to leave her position with the royal family and join us," Korsh explained. "I would love it but I think it's pretty close to zero."

However, the Duchess of Sussex still has a few ties to her pre-royal life. In January, it was announced that Queen Elizabeth had named Markle the new patron of the National Theatre as one of four key causes that she would be supporting as a duchess.

And while fans might not see Markle on the big screen again — except, of course, for the upcoming release of The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down — hardcore fans can always relive the duchess' acting days with a marathon of old Suits episodes.