Twitter Can't Stop Wondering About Hannah G.'s Absence On The Latest 'Bachelor' Episode

ABC; TiernDown4Wut/Twitter

The fantasy suites episode of Colton Underwood's Bachelor season might be the most dramatic one yet. Colton finally jumped the fence and it turned out to be this season's most important moment. Cassie left the show, because she wasn't "in love with" Colton and this propelled the jump. Meanwhile, Hannah G. was majorly absent on Monday night's Bachelor episode. And if you ask Twitter, she was the one truly affected by Colton's fence jump — and she doesn't even know it yet.

She was probably just chilling in Portugal doing her nails and trying on outfits for her date with no idea that the season is essentially over. Colton left without production's permission sans microphone, and no one knows where he went. Even Chris Harrison started cursing in response. During all that, Hannah G. was probably working on some bars, so she could rap for Colton again.

At least Tayshia had a fantasy suite date. And Cassie at least had the opportunity for some true one-on-one time with Colton. Hannah G. is completely left out. Plus, she didn't get a ton of screentime up to this point anyway. This fantasy suite date really could've been a major moment for her.

Instead, she barely appeared in the episode at all and fans are so confused about how they're going to get a two-night finale next week. Does Colton gain his composure and give a relationship with Hannah G. one last shot? Does he really call it quits and end the season as a single guy? Does he abandon Hannah G. to chase down Cassie (and presumably her dad) at the airport in Portugal?

There are so many questions and fans have to wait a whole week for answers. Nevertheless, most people agree on one thing: "poor Hannah G!"


She Got "Bamboozled"

Fans barely got to see Hannah G. Little did she know, the whole season got turned upside-down.


Does Hannah G. Even Get A Date?

Is the show over? Does Hannah G. not even have a chance now? There are so many unanswered questions at this point.


Is This The End For Hannah G?

Is this just going to become The Colton & Cassie Show? Is the season over? Will Hannah G. get any more screentime?


If She Has A Fantasy Suite, It Will Be SO Awkward

Hannah G. is in such an awkward position no matter what happens. Whether she gets a date or not, it's still a very awkward scenario.


She Has To Be The Bachelorette

Hannah G. got virtually zero screentime during the last episode even though there were only three women left. The only way to make up for this is by giving Hannah G. her own season as the Bachelorette.


What's Next For Colton & Hannah G.?

Colton pretty much ditched the show. So, does he come back to give Hannah G. another shot and discuss the awkwardness from his date with Cassie? Or does he tell Hannah G. everything that happened and end his relationship with her?


She's Still Going To Get A Fantay Suite, Right?

So is the end of Hannah G.'s time on the season? Or not?


Did She Have A Rap Prepared For The One-On-One Date?

Hannah G. was probably practicing some new rhymes for days. Now she might not ever get to perform for Colton again.


But He Asked For Her Dad's Blessing?

Colton asked for every woman's father's permission to propose during hometown dates, but the Vietnam date with Cassie happened before that. Why lead them on? Meanwhile, Hannah G. thinks she has a legitimate shot at getting engaged in Portugal.


Poor Hannah G.

At this point, it seems like Hannah G. will have to wait forever to get a fantasy suite date.


Many Fans Felt Bad For Hannah G.

Yes, plenty of people felt bad for her. #JusticeForHannahG

Sure, Cassie and Colton's breakup was the water cooler moment of the episode, but Hannah really was the true victim of the fence jump. What will happen next week? Is it Monday yet?