You Can Buy Twinkies In Cappuccino Form Now

Victor Allen

Sometimes, you just have to dip your Twinkie straight into a hot cup of joe to make you feel alive — but sometimes, the gods step right in and do the work for you. That's why we now have a Hostess Twinkies Cappuccino mix — in fact, we have three cappuccino mixes from Hostess. You can now get Twinkies, CupCakes, and Sno Balls all in delicious cappuccino pods. Not so much into the coffee side of things? Don't fret — you can also get a hot cocoa mix in Ding Dongs flavor. That's right Ding Dongs hot cocoa, straight from your coffee maker.

I mean, trying to imagine a Twinkies-flavored cappuccino is both an exhilarating and terrifying feat of mental gymnastics, but I'm on board to see what happens next.

You can get these pods of wonder in whopping 72-packs from Victor Allen — all of them come in at $34.99, and according to the listing they're compatible in all Keurig machines. Now you just have to decide which flavor would be best in a cappuccino — Twinkies? Cupcakes? Sno Balls? I have to say I'm most intrigued by Twinkies, but I think that Cupcakes might be that best natural fit. I'm finding it hard to imagine the Sno Balls, I think because the coconut texture keeps popping into my head.

Or, of course, you could just order all three — and the Ding Dongs hot chocolate — and have a whole night of taste tests that may or may not send you into a sugar coma. Life on the edge.

Although Hostess has given us some of the most classic dessert snacks of all times — the Twinkie is basically an American symbol recognized around the world, like the Statue of Liberty but dipped in cake — they definitely find a way to keep up with the times. Cappuccino pods are an inspired idea, but they've been upping their game all year. We've already seen the Twinkie-flavored coffee pods and even Moonberry Twinkies on a limited edition, which gave the classic sponge and filling a berry twist. They also released Twinkies and Ding Dongs Dessert Kits, which allowed you to take your favorites and make them into parfait-type desserts, so you can feel a little fancy from time to time. And we can't forget that this year was the 100th anniversary of the brand, so some Birthday Cupcakes were in order.

But my favorite, my absolute favorite new offering from the brand, did not come in the form of a baked good at all — I know, it's pretty hard to believe. It was the release of the Honey Buns and Donettes cereals that really put me over the edge. As someone who is a firm believer of dessert for breakfast in cereal form, this was basically all I could ever hope for.

And what better pairing, then having your cereal with a Twinkies cappuccino? Seriously, it may not be one of your five a day (it is decidedly not), but a Honey Buns Cereal and Twinkies cappuccino combination certainly sounds like something you would have dreamed up in some kind of sugar-fueled haze. And that's what America is all about it. Cappuccinos all around.