Twitter Thinks Prince Harry Bought Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring On Black Friday & The Tweets Are Hilarious

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It's an announcement that Royal Family lovers have been waiting for. Get ready because the news is finally here. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged, and the internet has lost its collective mind in the best way possible. From celebrating an American princess to rejoicing in an upcoming royal wedding, social media is hyped for the news. In one of the silliest yet funniest moments to follow the royal engagement, Twitter thinks Prince Harry bought Meghan Markle's engagement ring on Black Friday — and the tweets are low-key hilarious.

On Monday, Kensington Palace released a statement announcing the engagement and detailing that the pair will be married in Spring 2018 — presumably after Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton's next child is born.

Markle and Prince Harry have been dating since June 2016, and recently, speculation had begun to ramp up regarding whether or not the pair were, in fact, already engaged. After Markle left her roll on the USA Network's Suits, fans of the couple nearly immediately began speculating that an engagement was either near or had already happened.

As it turns out, the pair have actually been engaged for a few weeks with only select people — including Queen Elizabeth — having knowledge of the betrothal. Now the world knows of the new royal engagement, and social media is having a field day. Not only are people celebrating the union for sheer love of romance, but the urge to make Black Friday jokes thanks to the timing of the announcement seems to have been too good to pass up.

While the UK does have Black Friday, the day is not quite as massive as the unofficial U.S. holiday. That, however, didn't stop nearly everyone from cracking jokes that Prince Harry bought the royal ring on Black Friday.

Of course, it's not true since it's been revealed that the pair have been engaged for a few weeks now. But hey, who doesn't love a good joke?

To be honest, though, would it not be brilliant to save some cash on the ring? Even princes have to love a bargain, right?

Even the UK's Channel 4 got in on the joke.

Other users pointed out the brilliance of being able to celebrate the anniversary of your engagement on Black Friday. Future affordable gifts, right?

Others loved the relatability of Prince Harry "allegedly" snagging the ring on the shopping holiday.

Two thumbs up for Prince Harry's savvy shopping.

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Of course, Markle's ring has now been revealed, and it, of course, was not actually purchased on Black Friday. According to reports, the ring was custom designed by Prince Harry and features incredibly personal touches.

Markle's ring is incredibly classic and made of three diamonds. The largest center diamond is from Botswana, while the two diamonds flanking it are from Princess Diana's personal collection.

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While the ring is markedly different than Kate Middleton's stunning sapphire, the connection to the late Princess Diana relates the two. Middleton's ring was actually Diana's engagement ring.

In case you weren't already swooning, it's clear that both princes wanted to have their late mother's memory embedded in such momentous occasions in their lives.

The pair debuted the ring at a photo call at Kensington Palace, and it's as stunning as you'd expect it to be. Black Friday could never put a ring this priceless on super sale. The pair are expected to do an interview later where Royal Family fans are sure to see more of the personally designed piece.

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Now, let the countdown to the next royal wedding begin. With Spring 2018 less than a year away, you've got plenty of time to get your fascinator ready for the occasion.