Alabama Hannah Can't Say Tyler C.'s Name In Their Latest Quarantine TikTok

by Mary Kate McGrath
John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

A few former-The Bachelorette stars found a creative way to pass the time in quarantine when Tyler Cameron tried to teach Hannah Brown how to say his name without her Southern accent. The challenge wasn't a success. On Saturday, Tyler posted a video with Hannah on TikTok, trying to help the Alabama-born reality star finally pronounce his name correctly.

"Alright, we're going to finally teach Hannah how to say my name, Tyler, correctly," he told fans. “Here we go. It’s Tyler." Then, he pointed the camera at Hannah, who repeated his name in her unmistakable Southern accent. "Taaahler," Hannah said.

Tyler tried yet again to get the former-Bachelorette star to say his name: "No, no, no, it's not Tahler," he replied. "It's Tyler." Hannah mispronounced his name several more times until finally, Tyler gave up. "Well, there’s no hope," he said. "You can’t take the country out of the girl I guess."

The funny TikTok was just the latest from the pair, who are social-distancing in Florida in response to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The two reality stars, with several other friends, have begun calling themselves "The Quarantine Crew" and releasing digital content for fans. So far, they've kept busy watching movies, dancing by the pool, and getting into plenty of shenanigans.

On Thursday, Hannah and Tyler did the "Flip the Switch" challenge on TikTok. In the video Hannah, along with several friends, danced to Drake's "Nonstop," as others have for the meme. Then, the room goes dark, and when the light goes back on, Tyler, along with a few other men, appear wearing their friends' clothes. The caption read: "BREAKING: Tyler finally got into Hannah’s pants."

The former-couple's friends and family also joined the fun. On Thursday, Tyler and Hannah's friends spoofed the final rose ceremony on TikTok using cut-outs of their faces on Popsicle sticks, while the reality stars looked on in disapproval. Hannah also danced with Tyler's brother Ryan in a TikTok video, and the group shared videos of themselves getting some air on the beach on the social media platform as well. The Quarantine Crew wrote: "she socially secludes by the seashore."

Tyler and Hannah's TikToks are likely to fuel rumors that they're back together. On The Bachelorette, Tyler was a runner-up to Jed Wyatt, who ultimately got the final rose. Hannah broke off the engagement following the revelation that Jed had a secret relationship, and had ultimately been using the reality show as a platform for his music career. Then Tyler was briefly linked to Gigi Hadid, but the two ultimately called it quits in October of 2019, as per Glamour.

Despite the former-reality stars spending so much time together, it's unclear if they have actually rekindled their romance, but they're definitely having fun creating quarantine TikToks.

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