Victoria Beckham's New Pics Of Her Family Holiday Prove She's An OG Hun

by Aoife Hanna
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Summer time is a special time for all of us, but particularly for those with sprogs. Because summer's here and school's out. All that free time to go on family holidays and take not only a break, but a gazillion memorable photos of your time away. But imagine if your selfies, and those of your whole clan, garnered millions of likes? Not the usual 23 you get off a photo of you and your dad wilding out in Marbs or Skegness. Well Victoria Beckham's holiday photos are proof that not all vacay pics are born equal, and the likes are coming in a mile a minute.

According to their social media accounts, the famous family are over in Bella Italia taking in the sights, snarfing yummy food, and getting their outdoorsy on. AKA the best holiday ever. And guys, considering that almost every single one of them is making money on some kind of a level, meaning there can't be much cost-cutting required, I'm sure that they are having a pretty lit time. One can assume they're not pitching tents on reasonably priced camp sites or setting up shop in cheap-as-chips motels. I mean could you imagine bursting out of your scorching tent and seeing the Beckhams cooking sausages on a gas stove outside their portable Beckhingham palace? Nope, me neither.

The first picture posted by Victoria was on Aug 6, and it seems like the weather must be gorgie AF because it's lids off for David and guns out for Victoria. The photo is captioned:

"Happy summer!!! X kisses from Puglia 🇮🇹 xxx VB @davidbeckham"

The pair appear to be cycling, or on very small motorbikes, and it looks like time off in the rolling Italian countryside is going well for them. I mean this is no recreation of the Lady And The Tramp spaghetti and meatballs scene but it is one shade away in terms of cuteness.

The next photo is of bae and baby one. Yes, David and Brooklyn. Showing not only the genetic resemblance but the shared penchant for tattoos and dreamy glares.

The next one is a shout out to Chinese Valentine's day. Which up until I clocked this photo, I didn't even know was a thing. According to Lucy Siegle at the Guardian, Qixi is the Chinese version of the western mush/depression fest that is Valentine's Day.

"Qixi, the traditional Chinese festival of love. Also known as the Double Seventh (it falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month)."

So obviously one of the best couples in showbiz are going to do a shoutout to the celebration. If only for an excuse to show off that they've still got it — both romantically and sartorially.

The next post shows that yes, she is an icon of music, fashion, and general herself-ness but guys, Victoria Beckham can be a hun too. She shared a cute AF pic of her and her daughter, while also using far too many X's — and let me assure you, I live, laugh, and love this.

"Special family time on holiday x Night time cuddles with Harper xx Kisses #HarperSeven."

The next one is all about her children. Because duh, super mum alert. Looking super cute, sun kissed and with a whole host of new freckles to map out their holiday. Cruz and Harper are resplendent in a restaurant but TBH, I'm desperate for a few pics of pasta at this stage.

Last but definitely not least, she shared a photo of her youngest and her eldest all cuddly and caring for each other. A photo that says not only happy on holiday, but happy family. Good on ya VB, you deserve all of the above.