The Cutest New Wedding Trend Is Naming Your Signature Cocktail After Your Dog

Courtesy of Etsy Sellers

WHY DIDN'T ANYONE THINK OF THIS BEFORE?! Wedding planning may be hectic, it may be stressful, it may push you to your limit and beyond — but now, there is a way to make it downright delightful. Picture this, if you will: Everyone at your wedding laughing, mingling, chatting — and drinking a signature wedding cocktail named after your dog. Why aren't you already doing this? It's your wedding, so you can do whatever the heck you want (and in what world is this not exactly what you want?).

Of course, it's easy enough just to say that you're naming a cocktail after your dog and having that be that — but one Etsy user has come up with a genius way to make this a reality. RubiandLib creates some gorgeous personalized wedding illustrations — and they also do amazing signs for personalized cocktails, featuring your doggo. Take your pooch, imagine the drink that encapsulates them the most and off you go.

"This is a perfect signature drink sign for a wedding or party," the description reads. "Add a special touch and include a likeness of your favorite four-legged friend to your wedding reception bar. Pick from your choice of 72 different dog breeds (color changes are not available at this time) and a variety of accent pieces." As in, you can put your dog on the invitation and have them wearing an adorable little bow tie. THE DREAM.

If you and your partner both have dogs — or if you have more than one — then don't worry, because you can get a couple of four-legged friends put on the sign. Prices vary by size and depending on how many dogs you have included, but they start at about $20 for one dog and $25 for two, though right now they're 10% off. Pick your colors and your pup and dream big. And if you'd prefer to name a cocktail after a feline friend, that's an option too.

Planning your wedding can definitely be a difficult time, but one of the ways to make it really fun is to add as many personal touches to your wedding as you can. Etsy is a total haven of unique, fun, and sometimes downright weird wedding choices — sparkly wedding Crocs, anyone? And, of course, there are lots of ways you can incorporate your pet into your wedding. You can have them as a ring bearer, you can have your pet walk you down the aisle — you can even just have them running wild during the reception. But the classiest option might just be the wedding cocktail. Now, if you could dress your pup up in a tiny tuxedo and have them mixing the cocktails, that would be my dream come true, but for now we might have to settle for naming.

Is your dog a strong martini? Or more of a margarita type? Maybe your cat is a classic mixed drink or something a little more wild. You get to decide. Sure, there are lots of different ways you can make your pet feel right in the center of your big day — but most of them just aren't this fun.