Dreaming About Fish May Indicate Something Much Bigger Going On In Your Life

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You ever wake up from one of those dreams where you open your eyes and you're like, "... What the fffff?" You've probably learned by now that dreams aren't meant to be taken literally — but if that's the case, what do they mean? For instance, what does it mean if you dream about fish?

It sounds random, but it turns out dreaming about fish is actually a thing. Sounds like it could be much more pleasant than the recurring dream I have about my teeth falling out.

Very generally speaking, fish in our dreams are often reflective of some aspect of fertility. This could be taken literally as conception, like The Mystica explains, or it could be more figurative, reflecting progress and growth — which could mean approximately a million different things.

To better understand the meaning of these fishy dreams, we have to go into more detail — like where exactly the fish are, what they're doing, and what we're doing.

Let's explore, shall we?

If You Dream Of Catching A Fish

PsycholoGenie says that if you dream you're out fishing, it's symbolic of a barrier you're trying to break through, after which you'll need to confront your feelings. Maybe you're pursuing something big in life, or you're holding back your thoughts on something.

If you dream more specifically of catching a big fish, it might mean good news for your love life, like finding your true match — or should I say... your true catch?


Dreaming and Sleeping echoes PsycholoGenie's thoughts (as do Exemplore and My Dream Symbolism) on the meaning of a dream about fishing — that it has to do with needing to reveal repressed emotions. They also add that if you dream of catching a fish from dirty water, it may be a sign of difficulties headed your way at work.

If You Dream Of Fish Swimming

To interpret this, we have to consider where the fish are swimming.

According to The Mystica, if the fish are swimming at the bedrock, you might be headed toward a challenging situation. If they're swimming near the surface, however, success is in your future. PsycholoGenie and My Dream Symbolism says this is especially the case if the fish are swimming in a clearwater stream.

If, in your dream, it's a school of exotic fish, PsycholoGenie advises you to spend more time nurturing and awakening your spiritual side. If you don't consider yourself spiritual, maybe look at it as a sign that you need to find a creative outlet.

If You Dream Of Fish Eggs

We've never been so glad not to take dreams literally. If you dream about fish eggs, rest assured there's a more promising meaning behind it. The Mystica explains that dreaming of eggs generally points to a fresh start. It could be a new idea you have or fresh inspiration. PsycholoGenie adds that you should embrace this new beginning.

Bring on the fish egg dreams!

If You Dream Of Eating Fish

"But I prefer chicken," I hear you say. Hold that thought, because as always, there's a different meaning here.

Dreaming about eating fish, particularly if it's after you watched it being cleaned and cooked, is a sign of good health and abundance to come, according to My Dream Symbolism.

Exemplore offers a different explanation. Eating fish is symbolic of your beliefs and philosophy, and it means you're making new realizations a part of your identity. Cooking the fish represents the preparation you must go through to incorporate said realizations.

Generally, cooking and eating are symbolic of nurturing your soul, so fish dreams of this variety sound pretty darn promising.

If You Dream Of Dead Fish

You don't need Freud to tell you this one isn't too happy. Exemplore explains it as a sign of disappointment and loss — although it might give way to new growth (silver linings!).

PsycholoGenie agrees that it's symbolic of depression and grief. You should take it as an indication that some part of your life needs a makeover.

While it's not all good news here, as The Mystica points out, a dead fish could mean that after the feeling of failure and sadness, something better could be around the corner.

If You Dream That A Big Fish Is Trying To Eat You

First of all, I'm so sorry.

Second, you might need to surround yourself with nicer people.

My Dream Symbolism writes that this dream signifies powerful people are trying to set you up or hurt you. Dreaming and Sleeping agrees that it's indicative of people trying to use their power to bring grief to your life.

Time to make new friends.

It hopefully goes without saying, but remember that dreams don't determine your future — you do. In fact, according to the Cleveland Clinic, dreams could simply be a way that your body is processing memories and responding to biochemical changes and electrical impulses.

In other words, dreams could mean a whole lot of... nothing.

Have fun doing your dream research, look for ways to improve your life, and try not to stress about any dead fish that pop up in your subconscious.

Sweet dreams!