'Bach' Star Rachel's Family Is Super Supportive

by Hannah Shapiro
Bill Matlock/ABC

The Bachelor season is nearing the finish line. Nick Viall has narrowed down his group of ladies to just three women — one of those being Rachel Lindsay. She's smart, driven, and is a breath of fresh air thanks to her grounded sense of self. ABC decided to jump the gun a bit and announced that Rachel would be the next Bachelorette before she'd even been kicked off the show. It seems like just yesterday she was on her hometown date, and now we know she'll be our next leading lady. So, what does Rachel's family think of her being the Bachelorette? They seem to stand behind her decision.

Putting yourself out there on TV, especially a dating show, is a vulnerable position to be in. The Bachelor franchise doesn't just throw a suitor in the spotlight, it highlights their family as well. This season, Nick's sister Bella took a front seat both in his introduction and on a date. On her hometown date, it was clear that Rachel is extremely close to her family. It is doubtful that she would embark on this adventure without their support.

Rachel's mother, Kathy Lindsay, was one of the family members featured on the recent Bachelor episode. Mrs. Lindsay came across as direct, confident, and level-headed. It's clear that much of the qualities that make Rachel a popular contestant, she got from her mom. And, being so similar, it would stand to reason that they both agree The Bachelorette was the right move for Rachel.

One person missing from Rachel's hometown date was her father. Rachel's father is federal judge Sam Lindsay, appointed to the position by President Bill Clinton. There was speculation that he didn't want to appear on the show, even though work was cited as the reason. I think it's very possible that a federal judge did have important things to take care of beyond meeting his daughter's televised suitor on camera. Nick tweeted out that he did get to meet Rachel's father and Us Weekly reported that sources claim that her dad is supportive of the show and will allegedly appear on The Bachelorette.

In addition to her parents, Rachel is also close to her siblings. She has a younger sister, Heather, who she posted about below. Rachel also has an older sister, Constance, who gave her advice on the recent hometown date. Her sister spoke to the challenges of interracial dating, especially in this heightened racial climate. Much like Rachel, Constance was articulate and smart. I look forward to a Bachelorette season with both Rachel and her family taking the spotlight.

Rachel's family is not the only group behind her. Many fans are thrilled that Rachel is the next Bachelorette. I'm excited to see a smart, driven lady take the leading role. The men next season better step up their game if they want to keep up with this classy, beautiful lawyer. With her family, friends, and a whole lot of excited fans behind her, Rachel is bound to do well as the leading lady. Handing out roses seems like both a fun and stressful job, but I think this Texas lawyer has the support system behind her to handle it.