Nicole From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Has A Hilarious Instagram You Need To Follow ASAP

John Fleenor/ABC

As Nicole admitted during the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 premiere, she's most known for crying a lot on Colton's Bachelor season. But since The Bachelor, Nicole has actually been using her platform to make people laugh. She's certainly stayed busy on Twitter and Instagram since Colton sent her home, and her social media is filled with funny commentary. If she's been crying, it's probably been out of happiness.

As for her love life, it doesn't seem like Nicole has dated anyone since Colton. That makes sense, because Colton's season was filmed late last year, and Bachelor In Paradise was filmed in June. That's only a few months between the two shows, and especially if Nicole already knew she'd be on Paradise, she probably wouldn't have been looking to get into another relationship.

Instead, Nicole's time after the Bachelor seems to have been focused mostly on her friends (some from Bachelor Nation) and family — as well as sharing her takes on current events and pop culture with her followers.

So even though Nicole may have packed a bunch of tissues before heading to Mexico, it was all in good fun: she's actually been having a great time. See how she's been keeping busy below.

Hanging With Tayshia

Nicole and Tayshia seem to be pretty close — so close, in fact, that Nicole joined the Adams family in celebrating Tayshia's sister's graduation from the United States Naval Academy. As Nicole told Elite Daily, she's also close with Kirpa and Sydney, so they make appearances on her social media too.

Keeping Up With Her Photoshop Skills

Photoshopping herself with her fave celebs is one of Nicole's favorite pastimes — just take a look at this photo with J. Lo at her graduation, or this one of her hanging with the Jonas Brothers on a boat.

Working Hard To Make Her Dog An Influencer

Many Bachelor/ette contestants become influencers after the show, but Nicole is more focused on helping her dog find online fame. Get her closer to that dream by joining Brooklyn's 1,200 other followers on Instagram.

Being An Advocate

Nicole opened up about how her brother has autism on The Bachelor, so she uses her platform to advocate for autism awareness. And besides her fun posts, she has also shared her thoughts on gun violence, women's reproductive rights, and racism. Nicole even tried to get her, Demi, and Katie to be PETA spokespeople.

Receiving Free Snacks

Because of how much she cried on The Bachelor, Nicole got a year's supply of Halo Top ice cream during The Women Tell All. She's not only making sure Halo stands by this commitment, but she has also received snacks from other brands like Oreos.

Attending The White House Correspondents' Dinner

The Stagecoach music festival will be a big topic of conversation during this season of BiP, but Nicole wasn't there. Instead, she attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner where she got to hang out with comedian Randy Rainbow, who is best known for his Broadway parodies on politics.

Breaking Major Pop Culture News

Nicole isn't just in love with pop culture — it's part of her career. She lists herself as a digital journalist in her Instagram bio, and when Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married after the Billboard Music Awards, she helped to alert the media.

Supporting Bachelorette Hannah

Nicole might have missed The Bachelorette finale to watch the Democratic debate, but she shared her support for the way Hannah handled the Luke P. and Jed drama in multiple tweets during the season.

As this season of Bachelor in Paradise goes down, keep an eye on Nicole's social media. Even if she's crying onscreen, she's guaranteed to make you laugh with her witty commentary.