What's Causing All Of Nick Viall's Tears?


This has been a fairly boring season of The Bachelor so far — yeah, I said it — so you'll have to excuse me for looking ahead and wondering what later episodes have in store. And there's one moment in particular that caught my eye. I'm wondering — what makes Nick Viall cry on The Bachelor? It seems to be his fear that this process isn't going to work for him, but what motivated that fear? Other episodes have teased it as well, but the Jan. 30 episode seemed to suggest that a moment is coming up next week where something makes Nick cry in front of the women. Like... really hard. Full tears are running down his face and he isn't even bothering to wipe them away, so we're clearly dealing with something serious.

ABC has posted The Bachelor's Week 6 preview to their site, and although they don't get into specifics, the caption beneath the video gives at least a little context for the emotional outburst. It reads, "Nick sheds tears in front of the women about his biggest fears coming true and much more."

So that's what he's crying about, but what specifically triggered his tears? I suspect it was unexpectedly letting go of a woman he's grown attached to, based on another line from the preview, spoken in voiceover by Rachel. She says, "I don't think anyone was really expecting to see two people go home on the two-on-one." I don't know about you, but that seems like it would be a pretty emotional event for Nick, not to mention the women involved, so I'm wondering if that was the catalyst for the waterworks.

Since last Monday's episode ended in a cliffhanger, with the freshly eliminated Taylor going to confront Nick on his date with Corinne, it would be easy to assume that that's the two-on-one date in question, but I don't think that's the case. In order for Corinne to go home, in addition to Taylor, Nick would have to take back Corinne's rose, which is an unprecedented decision on The Bachelor, and I think they'd be teasing a moment like that in a completely different way. My suspicion instead is that there's another two-on-one date in the upcoming Feb. 6 episode, and that through some chain of events that I can't even begin to guess, both women on that date go home.

With several Bachelor women already eliminated, having to come back from a date alone is the sort of thing I bet would incite those feelings of insecurity in Nick, and uncertainty as to whether he will find what he's looking for. A little mid-season crisis, if you will, or a shaking of his foundation. But hey, this is all speculation, and you know I'll be tuning in next Monday to find out for myself. Great job with the teasers, ABC. You got me again, you sly devils.