What To Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day 2019 When She Says She Doesn’t Want Anything

Artifact Uprising

Although it might seem like it's still far away, Mother's Day will be here before you know it. Mother's Day is all about celebrating how incredible your mom is, and there are plenty of ways to do that, including buying her something special. If your mom is like so many other moms, her response to, "What do you want for Mother's Day?" is probably something along the lines of, "Nothing, don't spend your money on me," or "I just want to see you, no gift necessary." If she gives you no indication of what she wants and you're not sure what to get her, don't worry — there are plenty of options out there on what to get your mom for Mother's Day, specifically when she says she doesn't want anything.

Of course, though, you should also be setting aside some quality time for your mom besides just getting her a great gift. Spend Mother's Day with her doing whatever it is she likes: seeing a movie, taking her out to lunch, going out for a walk, or going to a museum. As long as it's something she picks and you're there, she'll likely be thrilled. And, really, a fantastic gift is only going to add to that experience.

So if you want to gift your mom something special (even if she says she doesn't want anything), go for it. She deserves it! As annoying as she might get, she's your mom, and she loves you more than anything. Now here are a few other gifts she'll love maybe almost as much:

1. A Really Nice Candle

A candle is one of those gifts you can never really go wrong with, because your mom is bound to use it at some point. Pick a scent she loves and go from there. Otherland makes a nice selection of scents (Canopy, featured here, is a mix of fig, ivy greens, and mint, so it's perfect for spring), and all of the candles are so nicely designed that they double as room decor.

2. A Fancy Tea Set

If your mom is a fan of tea, you may want to get her a set that will leave her feeling super fancy every time she prepares a cup. Tea Forte makes lovely tea that tastes great, and this limited-edition Jardin Collection set is nice for Mother's Day. It was created in partnership with the New York Botanical Garden, and the gift box features rare floral prints by Pierre-Joseph Redouté from the NYBG's library. A percentage of sales goes towards NYBG's work in plant research and conservation, horticulture, and education, so if your mom is a plant lover, she'll appreciate that as well.

3. Breakfast In Bed

Give your mom the gift of ultimate relaxation with some breakfast in bed... or at least just make her brunch or breakfast so she doesn't have to do anything. Plated is making that super easy with their Breakfast In Bed boxes. You can order one in time for Mother's Day, and there are three different options. Featured here is Turkish Baked Eggs with spinach, feta, and urfa chile-yogurt suace, but there's also Provençal Salmon Salad with radish, mint, and goat cheese or Pain Perdu with lemon mascarpone, candied almonds, and raspberry syrup.

4. A Custom Photo Book

Sometimes it's nice to personalize your gift to your mom as much as you can, and that's where a photo book comes in handy. Artifact Uprising allows you to make beautiful homemade photo books with luxe-looking fabric covers and high-quality prints inside. You can create one for your mom full of pictures of you two or your whole family, and it's something she'll have forever.

5. Cupcakes

Sometimes edible gifts are the best gifts! If you're not a baker, buy your mom a box of cupcakes instead. She'll love the tiny treats by Baked By Melissa, and this 25-count gift box allows you to choose any flavors you want to be included.

6. A Nice Perfume

If your mom has a signature fragrance she always wears, then you probably don't want to mess with that. But if she's open to trying new perfumes, then you may want to get her something from Skylar. The company is known for making all-natural, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic perfumes that smell wonderful and have beautiful minimalistic packaging. Meadow, pictured here, is a light scent of tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom, but there are plenty of other options as well.

7. A Sweet Journal

If your mom is more into sentimental gifts than something material, then she'll love this book. Actually, any mom would. Basically, you buy the journal, then you go through it and sill in the blanks to make it personalized and super meaningful. It's the easiest way to tell her how you really feel without having to actually do all the work yourself.

8. Flowers

Are flowers a cliche Mother's Day gift? Sure, but some moms really love and appreciate them anyway, and if that's your mom, and then go ahead and get them from her. Instead of buying them last minute from a booth on the street, order a bouquet from Farmgirl Flowers. Their flowers are ethically grown, wrapped in burlap, and are sure to last long enough to justify the price tag. Plus, they're gorgeous!

9. An Expensive Facial Cream

Want to splurge on your mom? Some fancy expensive skincare is always a good option, especially if she's really into that stuff. Lancome's Absolue line is luxurious and lovely, and this facial cream is nice for anyone. It's made with a blend of Grand Rose Extracts, which smells wonderful and feels super hydrating.

10. A Handy Streaming Device

Maybe your mom is one of those moms who has no idea what she's doing when it comes to technology. If so, you may want to consider a super easy streaming device that allows her to watch a lot of television and movies without the stress of trying to figure out what she's doing. The Roku Express has a very easy set-up (that you should probably still help her with), comes with an HDMI cord to plug it into the TV, and couldn't be more simple to use... once she gets the hang of it, which she will, quickly.

11. A Functional Mug

Busy moms who love coffee or tea will definitely appreciate this Ember mug. It's a temperature controlled mug that allows your mom to set her drinking temperature, and then maintains that temperature for about an hour. That means her beverage won't get cold while she's doing a million different things. It's also made of ceramic, and is sturdy and quite nice to look at.

12. A Box Of Chocolates

Come on — who doesn't want a box of Godiva chocolates as a gift? They might be pricey, but they're also the best. This spring mix of chocolates comes with over 30 pieces, is totally indulgent, and will score you tons of points.

13. A Great Bottle Of Wine

Give your mom something she'll definitely appreciate: some really good wine. JNSQ makes unique bottles of wine from California vineyards that are elegant and delicious. The Sauvignon Blanc pictured is light, with notes of lemon and green apple and hints of tropical fruit. There are other options if this one doesn't sound like a great fit. Oh, and how cool is the bottle?

14. A Self-Care Gift Set

Your mom definitely deserves a little pampering now and then. If you can't afford a gift certificate to the spa, get her the next best thing: a box of self-care products. This one from BoxFox includes a cozy pashmina, Herbivore Botanicals bath salts for a soothing night, a Prosecco Rose Voluspa candle, a Pearl sheet mask, a tiramisu chocolate bar, and a nice keepsake box to hold it all.

15. A Speaker

A portable speaker is always a good gift option, especially when it's also a home assistant. The Google Home Mini is such a great gift: it's inexpensive, it's impressive, and it's helpful. It's a smart speaker with Google Assistant built in so your mom can talk to it and give it commands. And it's pretty adorable looking.