Everything You Should & Shouldn't Do During Capricorn Season

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As the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and the end of the year approaches, you might find yourself in a pensive state of mind — perhaps while sipping hot chocolate in front of a frosty window. This is Capricorn season. And it can have you thinking about everything that's happened over the past year, as well as what might happen in the future.

"Capricorn season takes place while the sun transits the sign of Capricorn from December 22 through January 19," Molly Cardinal, a professional astrologer, tells Bustle. "Whichever sign the sun is in is an indication of what [your] soul is trying to integrate and achieve, and the sense of achievement is especially prevalent during Capricorn."

That's one reason why you might spend the end of the year evaluating your most recent accomplishments, while also coming up with resolutions for the new year. "Being the top of the chart and symbolized by the goat trying to summit the mountain, Capricorn's prevalent energy is goal setting and working our way up the ladder," Cardinal says. "Being ruled by the planet Saturn, it also has a traditionalism and structure associated with it that goes beyond just the ethic of hard work."

It'll give you a lot to think about, but it's possible to take advantage of these vibes and decide what it is you'd like to accomplish next. Here, astrologers share the best things to do during this time, as well as what to avoid, to make the most of Capricorn season.


Don't Stress Yourself Out


There's going to be a strong workaholic energy during Capricorn season, but don't let yourself get caught up in it, especially if you aren't totally set on your next move.

"We may be tempted to work hard for the sake of saying we're working hard," Cardinal says, "even though the actions we're taking might not be spiritually purposeful or yielding a big pay-off. Working ourselves into the ground is not always the best way to achieve."

Instead, take a moment to get clear on your goals so you can move forward with purpose, instead of running yourself ragged only to end up right back where you started.


Do Appreciate How Far You've Come

We typically spend the end of the year looking forward to what's to come, and that's a great thing. But if you get too caught up in plans for the future, you'll totally forget about what you've accomplished thus far.

"Instead of choosing to only futurize our journey during this month, take some time to contemplate the time that has passed and how you've learned and grown and chosen which rules to play by," Cardinal says.

Feel good about your accomplishments, think about everything you've learned, and reconnect with yourself. This is a great time of year to pat yourself on the back, so go ahead and do just that.


Don't Set Impossible Standards


Speaking of resolutions, be wary of setting impossible standards for yourself and others during Capricorn season, because that can happen all too easily.

"While setting standards of living for yourself is an important part of continuous self-improvement, and setting standards for those you allow into your space is an important part of boundary-setting and knowing your own worth, if you set the bar too high, you'll be constantly disappointed when neither you nor anyone else can meet it," Cardinal says.

Go ahead and set your standards, but don't have a black and white attitude about it. "Tap into the full energy of Capricorn, which includes a healthy dose of realism," Cardinal says, "and instead set achievable, reasonable standards."


Don't Go Overboard With Spending

This season is a time when pretty much everyone is going overboard. We're all spending too much, traveling too much, and expecting too much, and it can be exhausting.

So tear a page from the Capricorn handbook, and make a point of slowing down and thinking before getting caught up in it all. "Capricorns love to be very specific," astrologer Debra Silverman, tells Bustle. "They don't want to overindulge."

Instead of blowing an entire paycheck on gifts, for example, create a budget and think about what each person on your list would value most. That way you'll feel good about what you're giving, while also keeping your own well-being in mind.


Do Go Outside


Since Capricorn is an earth sign, this is one of the best times of year to enjoy being outside, and all the benefits that come with it. "Capricorn marks the start of the winter season, so take the time to immerse yourself in wintery things and enjoy the physical experiences — snow sports, warm drinks in big mugs, etc.," Cardinal says.

This will provide a nice break from the busyness of the season, which might sweep you along and make it difficult to feel present. Earth signs are great at being cozy, too, so you can achieve the same feeling by hanging out inside, if that's more your style. Slow down and enjoy it all, and you'll feel surprisingly recharged.


Do Pick Up New Habits

All of that said, it's completely OK to set goals and think about all the new habits you'd like to establish in the new year. This season is, after all, a great time to switch up your mindset due to the fact Capricorn is a cardinal sign, Cardinal says, meaning it vibes well with the energy of starting something new.

Identify a habit you've been meaning to incorporate into your routine. Do you want to wake up earlier? Go for walks in the morning? Or read more books in the new year? Start now during Capricorn season, and it'll be way more likely to stick.


Do Mix & Mingle At Parties


If there's a holiday party happening where you work, make a point of going so you can meet the movers and shakers in your industry, Kathy Biehl, a professional astrologer, tells Bustle. "Capricorns love a party where they can mix business with pleasure," she says. So have a good time, but also focus on those you meet.

You might end up chatting with someone who will be able to put in a good word for you, which might just result in more opportunities. You can also network and share ideas with coworkers, and take full advantage of that goal-oriented Capricorn energy.

Capricorn season has a lot going on. You can reflect on the past, make goals for the future, and enjoy being present in the moment. It's a time to evaluate it all, and start the new year right.