Becca K.’s Post-‘Bachelor’ Life Is Filled With Friends She Met In The Mansion

ABC/Paul Hebert

Becca K. is not here to play around. She began her journey on The Bachelor by asking Arie to kneel to her, and has since continued to be in charge of her Bachelor experience. Oh, she also got a ton of sparkly diamonds and gowns for her trouble during her extravagant one-on-one with Bachelor Arie, Becca is one of the early frontrunners in Season 22, but will she make it to the final rose ceremony? What Becca K. is doing now just might hold the answers fans are looking for.

When she's not galavanting the world looking for love, Becca K. with the diamonds is actually Rebecca Kufrin, Senior Account Executive at Skyya Communications, or as she put more simply on her official Bachelor profile, she's a publicist. Now that The Bachelor (editor: Amy Barbour) is done filming (we know because Arie, Becca, and all the other contestants have been allowed to resume updating social media — a strict no-no in the Bachelor mansion), it looks like Becca has returned to her job. Her Linkedin profile lists Skyya as her current place of work, which suggests she was probably able to take a leave of absence to be on the show. Not surprisingly, however, if Becca has returned to work, she sure hasn't tweeted about it. Or Instagrammed about it. No, this Bachelor contestant seems to be a fan of keeping her private life private. In fact, other than a few celebratory holiday pics, Becca's social media has been pretty Bachelor heavy since filming concluded.

Her relative social media shyness could be a sign that Becca K. makes it at least as far as the international vacay, if not the fantasy suites. After all, if Episode 2 was anything to go by, Arie seems pretty smitten. "From the moment I met Becca K., I knew she was really sincere about being on this journey," Arie wrote in his People post-show blog. The Bachelor continued, writing that Becca was one of the only contestants he immediately felt comfortable around on the nerve-wracking first night. "On a night where everyone's nerves, especially mine, were out of control, she stood out as someone I could be myself around."

But Arie doesn't just feel comfortable around Becca K., he likes her so much, he wants to shower her with literal diamonds. For their first one-on-one date, Arie invited along celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe and a box of Neil Lane diamonds. According to People, the entire look cost about $300,500. And she got to keep the diamond earrings. If that isn't love, I don't know what is. Granted, this could be a misdirect by producers. The girl who gets the diamonds at the beginning of the Season doesn't necessarily get them at the end. Though it's worth noting that on the last season of The Bachelorette (executive producer: Nicole Woods), Rachel gave Bryan an expensive watch and the final rose.

Another hint that Becca might be here for the long haul is how she interacts with other Season 22 contestants on Twitter. A few days after her one-on-one date with Arie aired, Becca celebrated being free from online haters, tweeting, "Well, no one online has been mean to me so far today so it's shaping up to be a good hump day." She was immediately on the receiving end of words of comfort and support from fellow contestants Tia, Bibiana, and Caroline.

What does this mean? Granted, it could be nothing, but it does hint that Becca was in the Bachelor mansion long enough to bond with the other girls. It also proves that she left the show with at least a few friends. She might not be engaged, but, at the very least, she's a nice person out there living her nice life!