Kylie Cosmetics Concealers & Powders Are FINALLY Coming To Ulta

Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram

While Kylie Jenner's eponymous cosmetics line began as an online only venture, the beauty mogul has branched out into retail stores with her products. Now, Kylie Cosmetics' concealers and powders are coming to Ulta, expanding her already generous offerings in brick and mortar locations. If you've wanted to shop the brand's complexion products but have also wanted to swatch them in person first, now is your chance.

According to the Kylie Cosmetics Twitter account, all 30 shades of Jenner's concealers as well as her loose settings powders are coming to Ulta. The announcement is likely most exciting for fans who have yet to try the brand's complexion products. Until the news that the products would be coming to Ulta, the only way to purchase Jenner's concealers and powders was online. Due to a lack of return policy, this meant that if your chosen shade didn't match, you couldn't send it back. Now, though, with Ulta involved, you can get your perfect match in person and have the opportunity to make returns.

If you want to try before you buy, Kylie Cosmetics' 30 shades of concealer and her loose setting powders will be hitting Ulta shelves on July 28. Mark your calendars now for this launch.

While the vast majority of Kylie Cosmetics products available on Ulta are lip products and eyeshadow palettes, the brand does have a few complexion products in the mix as well. Currently, Ulta offers Jenner's blushes, Kylighters, and bronzers. With the addition of the concealers and loose powders, the retailer is closer to having Jenner's full range of complexion products. The only items missing are her pressed powders, setting spray, and loose highlighters.

Simply because Ulta doesn't carry the remaining complexion products at the moment doesn't mean that Jenner won't expand her brand presence further. In fact, when Kylie Cosmetics first launched in Ulta stores, shadows and lippies were the only items available, and the selections were markedly smaller than they are now. Plus, according to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account, the Kylighters, bronzers, and blushes were just added to Ulta's selection in mid-June. Clearly, the brand is expanding quickly, and there's no reason to believe that will stop.

While Kylie Cosmetics certainly has a presence in Ulta, the brand is no longer Jenner's only endeavor. Could Kylie Skin ever come to Ulta? The skin care brand from the youngest Kardashian-Jenner family member is still relatively new having only had one product drop so far. However, Jenner's second round of products for summer is heading fans' way July 22. With her cosmetics brands expanding so much at Ulta, the idea of Kylie Skin eventually making its way to the retailer doesn't seem so far-fetched. As of press time, though, the skin care products are still only available at the Kylie Skin website.

While you may still need to buy your Kylie Skin products online, if you've been wanting to try Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics concealers and loose powders, now is the perfect time. With the ability to test product in Ulta stores as well as available returns, shopping the brand on July 28 may be your best option.