Huda Beauty's Lip Strobes Are Coming Soon

It's official. Huda Beauty and creator Huda Kattan can do no wrong. From the Rose Gold Textured Eyeshadow Palette to the 3D Highlighter Palette, the brand is on a roll. Now, fans can mark their calendars for when Huda Beauty's lip strobes come out.

On June 22, fans will finally be able to snag the highly anticipated Huda Beauty Lip Strobe glosses. The glossy, shimmering lippies are the perfect way to add a bit of a pop to the lip whether you're looking for an all over gloss or a lip topper. Not only are they basically a highlighter for your lips and totally on trend with the unicorn craziness taking over beauty right now, but they're also versatile. Basically, they're about to be your new must-have beauty item.

This isn't the first time that Huda Beauty has launched a product that caused a stir, though. The Huda Beauty Rose Gold palette may just be (IMHO) the most loved palette of 2016. With innovative textured shadows and incredible pigment, it sold out on Sephora's website multiple times, and as of press time, it's still sold out.

Now, though, Huda Beauty has not only embraced a trend and done it well, but they've diversified it. With a huge 12 shade range, these aren't the same design or function as the Sigma Beauty Lip Switches. The Lip Strobes are a full range not just holographic but also shimmering, and metallic glosses for any look you want to achieve — unicorn or not.

As for how much the Lip Strobes will cost, according to PopSugar, they'll run fans around $18 each making them just slightly more affordable than Kattan's liquid matte lipsticks which retail for $20.

It seems as though fans are ready to start making their purchases, too.

They're also already blow away by how stunning they are, and they haven't even gotten their hands on them yet.

Clearly, Huda Beauty is killing the cosmetics game, and the Lip Strobe glosses are just another feather in their cap. Fans, mark your calendar for June 22 because you don't want to miss these stunning lippies.