Summer Fridays Is Launching A Brand New Product & Surprise, It's Not A Mask

Summer Fridays/Instagram

When it comes to cult classic skin care products a few items may spring to mind from long-established brands like Kiehl's or K-Beauty brands like Glow Recipe. However, a newer brand has already had a few classic hits, and it's adding what could be another. Summer Friday's CC Me Serum is coming fans of the influencer-helmed brand's way, and the new skin care products marks Summer Friday's move out of the world of masking.

Over Labor Day weekend, Summer Fridays began teasing a new product on its Instagram account. The brand began by letting fans know that the product would be based on the ingredient vitamin C, but little else was known until Sept. 1 when fans got their first look at the CC Me Serum. The new product marks a departure for Summer Fridays into more long-term skin care formulas instead of wash-off products. Until now, the brand was known for their masks. That, however, is changing with CC Me.

According to the Summer Fridays social media account, the serum features two vitamin C and squalane derivatives that act as a brightening product. The serum is meant to specifically target hyper-pigmentation and dark spots while imparting a gorgeous glow. If this new Summer Fridays serum sounds right up your skin care alley, good news. It's set to launch on Sept. 3 on the brand's website as well as in-stores and online at Sephora.

Given Summer Fridays notable masks, you may be wondering why the brand would venture into serums, and it likely has to do with CC Me's main ingredient, vitamin c. According to Allure, vitamin C is an antioxidant which means that it can help your skin during cell turnover. Plus, due to the ingredient's acidic nature, it forces the skin to heal encouraging the growth of collagen. If you're looking to brighten your skin and prevent signs of aging and haven't been using Vitamin C, you should really get on it.

Summer Fridays can help you do just that with the launch of its first serum, CC Me on Sept. 3

While this may be the brand's first non-mask product, Summer Fridays isn't a stranger to vitamin C. In fact, it's one of the main ingredients in the brand's original product, the Jet Lag Mask. The vitamin C inside the blue-tubed mask is meant to help brighten your skin tone and boost your skin's natural glow when its feeling a little dull (aka the way your face feels when you're jet lagged). Clearly, people responded well to the mask and the ingredient. As of press time, the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask has over 1,000 five star reviews and 90,000 likes on Sephora.

As for the brand's other creations, just like Jet Lag, Summer Fridays' R+R Mask is home to vitamin C as well. The latest of its launches, R+R is a brightening mask treatment that also works to buff away dead skin while retaining hydration. Like Allure stated, the inclusion of vitamin C helps the mask to support collagen creation and brighten the skin.

Now that you know Summer Fridays has some expertise in utilizing vitamin C, the new CC Me Serum shouldn't come as much of a surprise. While the new product is a move away from masks, with it skin brightening effect and antioxidant rich formula, you won't even mind.