'The Bold Type' Season 4 Won't Be Affected By Coronavirus...Yet

Jane, Kat, and Adena on The Bold Type
Jonathan Wenk/Freeform

There's both good news and bad news for fans of The Bold Type. The good news is that, after its spring finale on March 26, The Bold Type Season 4 will return this summer as planned. The bad news is that, at some point, those episodes may run out, as production has been suspended indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bold Type star Katie Stevens (Jane) broke the news on Instagram on March 14. "The studio and network are taking COVID-19 very seriously, as are our cast and crew," she wrote. "Although we didn't have anyone test positive, the decision was made to halt production right now for the safety of everyone. We are not cancelled. Hopefully we get to finish the episodes we were filming, but the most important thing is that everyone remains safe and healthy."

Meghann Fahy, who plays Sutton on the show, told Entertainment Tonight that the shutdown came almost three weeks before they were set to wrap production for Season 4. At the time, they had completed six of the remaining eight episodes. "I don't know if we're going to get to finish the episodes or if we're not going to get to finish the episodes, so it's a little bit TBD which is kind of spooky," she said. Fahy added that she thinks it was the right call to make, even if she does miss her on-set friends. "We didn't get to say goodbye to anybody or anything," she said, though she said she does FaceTime Stevens and Aisha Dee (who plays Kat) nearly every other day so they can stay in touch.

Since the series has filmed at least six more episodes, you can expect it to return around June or July, and it will have a lot to resolve when it does. As the synopsis for the March 26 episode teases, "Sutton and Richard’s wedding day is here, and Sutton is faced with a big decision. Jane tries to celebrate her friends while struggling to process recent discoveries. Kat's continuing crusade against the board has unexpected and life-altering consequences."

Depending on what's covered in the midseason finale, the rest of Season 4 will pick up with Sutton having decided whether to move to San Francisco with Richard or stay in New York for a potential stylist job at Scarlet; Jane will have to figure out how she feels about Ryan lying about cheating on her; and Kat's job may be threatened because of her determination to expose issues on the board.

Whether those loose ends will get to be tied up the way the writers intended them to, we don't yet know. But at least there is more Bold Type to look forward to.

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