Chrissy Teigen's Inauguration Tweets Are On Point

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now more than ever, with Donald Trump officially in office as our 45th president, it's important to speak truth to power, so does anyone have eyes on the supermodel among us who's shown particular skills in that area? We gotta find her. Seriously, where is Chrissy Teigen during the inauguration? She's been live-tweeting the ceremony like the superhero we both need and deserve. So, does that mean Teigen is on-site, rubbing elbows with all the other *cough cough* A-listers attending the Jan. 20 event, like 3 Doors Down and Jackie Evancho? I don't want that for her. And luckily, it seems that Teigen was tweeting about the Trump inauguration from the safe distance of through a television screen, which means she could be anywhere. I'm hoping she's home, with little baby Luna, surrounded by people she loves, who think her live-tweet coverage of the inauguration is as delightful as I do.

She began her commentary on the proceedings at 11:31 a.m. on Friday, with a simple tweet — just the word "nope" — and went on to make it clear what she was watching with references to watching the prayer in advance of the inauguration, riffing on the language of the Oath of Office, and throwing out some very familiar phrasing when it comes to female anatomy.

It's phrasing that some of Teigen's followers apparently took issue with, judging by her next tweet, six minutes later.

But Teigen has never been too worried about what her fans think of her, so the criticism didn't slow her down one bit.

Really, where is the outspoken model tweeting from? I would guess her home, but the one place I know she isn't is in Sundance, beside her husband John Legend. Apparently she was planning to fly there to be with him on Saturday, but was inspired to attend the Women's March on Washington instead.

Yas, queen. I will see you there, and I'm feeling a bit compelled myself to thank the transition team for airing an inauguration that got Teigen so fired up that she's changing her weekend plans to come be a part of a feminist movement. These are the victories we have to strive for, and there will be many more of them in the uncertain days ahead. I know it.