This App Finds Bars Near You That Are Open Late & It's Gonna Save Your Night Out

Sonja Lekovic / Stocksy

'Tis the season for a few bevs, but living in a country that has kind of strict licensing laws means that often you might end up traipsing around, being dragged by your inebriated pals to shut venue after shut venue to get that much needed night cap. Well if you live in London it might just be your lucky day because there is an actual app for that. Yes, this new app shows you where there the nearest open bar is.

Hell to the yes. So the app is called Last Orders and is your one stop to find where is open in the wee hours. And guys, this is some pretty high tech stuff, yet is easy to use for the slightly less compos mentis of us.

The concept of the app is that users are able to find a suitable venue within ten seconds. When using the app, you are shown a map that clearly indicates where the local drinking holes are and different icons show you what sort of venue it is. Think tiny cocktail glass for cocktail bars and an adorable little pint glass for your average pub.

For the finer tuned search you are able to add on certain criteria like if it has a smoking area, or fun facilities like a pool table. Ooh you know your local pool hall is totally there for you with late night drinks and japes.

The super user-friendly app goes one step further by indicating how long an establishment is open for. So like, if it's red you better high tail it down there because you only have 30 minutes left and if it's green you have at least 90 minutes left to get your chat on. Sounds delightful. Old shanties about the olden days. And/or crying over your ex but like that's nobody's business.

The app provides info on more than 5000 venues in London so you have a heck of a lot of options on where to go. The free app was created by Simon Underhill, who has often found himself at a loss when it comes to last orders in the past. So he invented an app to save you and your mates any potential stress. OMG so kind babes! Speaking to The Evening Standard, Underhill explained his reasoning and quality control.

"We want it to be the go to pub guide for London so when the bell for 'time' rings, where can you get another drink? Who’s still serving? The idea is to use it for as little time as possible so you can carry on and not end up somewhere awful."

The app is currently only available in London, and you can find if for free at the Google Play store. Sadly iPhone users will have to wait until the flipping new year to get their crack at convenience. Just in time for dry January.

As with all booze-based things, it is very important to drink responsibly, be safe, and give your phone to a friend if you feel the urge to text someone you absolutely shouldn't.