Here's Who Gets Engaged On 'BiP' Season 6, Based On Some Sneaky Clues From The Trailer

by Marenah Dobin

After another dramatic summer on Bachelor in Paradise, the season is coming to a close, and that means we'll finally get to see which couples get engaged on BiP Season 6. At this point in the show, there are several strong, established relationships, but it hasn't been an easy journey for any of them, which doesn't exactly make it easy to predict who'll leave the beach with a Neil Lane ring. But there is some evidence to suggest at least three couples take the plunge.

First, let's meet our contenders. After briefly exploring a connection with Blake (and sparking a love triangle in the process), Hannah chose Dylan and they've been attached at the hip ever since. They had some private time in the "boom boom room." They wore matching outfits (hopefully by accident). Hannah even carried Dylan around the pool. If that doesn't say love, then what does?

Then there's Clay and Nicole, who connected pretty immediately. After going on dates with Jordan and Christian (and that fight on the beach), Nicole decided to go all-in on Clay. However, when his ex Angela showed up to join the cast, it threw both of them for a loop, and it's unclear if they'll recover.

Katie and Chris, meanwhile, haven't had much screen time, but that's usually an indication that they don't have enough drama to be a bigger part of the episodes. When they actually are on screen, they talk a lot about their deep connection, so maybe that culminates in a proposal.

As for Tayshia, she seems the most likely to be leaving the beach single. She went on a date with Blake, then had a surprising romance with John Paul Jones, and briefly considered dating Derek before going back to JPJ. He's said that he's "in love" with Tayshia, but she hasn't said it about him, and she's also expressed concerns about him being too young and inexperienced in life.

On the flip side, if it makes sense for anyone to get engaged, it's Demi and Kristian, who were already dating in real life before committing to one another. Now, they seem happier than ever.

Previews for the BiP finale include tend to include a lot of misleading dialogue, making it intentionally difficult to figure out who gets engaged. But here's what we can decipher.

Hannah G & Dylan

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One couple who gets engaged includes someone with a blue string bracelet that looks very similar to the one Dylan had on during the Men Tell All taping for Hannah B.'s season of The Bachelorette. He also wore that bracelet during a one-on-one date with Hannah G on BiP.

Plus, Dylan has been commenting on most of Hannah's recent Instagram photos, and they had a cute exchange on Twitter. Why would they be this chummy on social media if they've broken up?

Katie & Chris


This one was a bit tough to decipher. This could be a photo of Tayshia and JPJ's proposal, or it could be of Chris and Katie's. Logically, Katie and Chris would make the most sense since they've had a more consistent relationship, but anything can happen in Paradise and footage can be misleading.

However, the nails may be a giveaway. Katie has been photographed with nails the same length in this photo a few times recently. In contrast, Tayshia seems to prefer a shorter style. Sure, she could have switched it up for the big day, but the shorter nails seem to be her go-to. Most likely, this hand belongs to Katie.

Demi & Kristian


This photo is also tricky, but based on process of elimination, these hands do not belong to Clay and Nicole and the other couples are accounted for, so it would make sense for this to be a photo from Demi and Kristian's engagement. Plus, in the trailer for Season 6, Demi is seen walking to the proposal site proclaiming "I smell an engagement."

Of course, the Bachelor franchise has been known to include promo footage that never actually airs, or that intentionally leads us astray. But as far as guesses go, this is the best we've got.