'Get Out' Star Daniel Kaluuya Is Dating Someone With The Most Badass Family

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Daniel Kaluuya is most famous for his starring role in the genre-defying masterpiece Get Out, but he's now back on big screens everywhere as W'Kabi in the newest Marvel hit Black Panther. Fans flocking to these movies seem to be leaving with a serious crush on Kaluuya, and might be wondering whether this talented actor is single. Alas, Kaluuya is off the market, as he recently stepped out with his girlfriend at the Golden Globes. But who is Daniel Kaluuya dating?

The couple's relationship has been very private, so there isn't actually much we know about Kaluuya's new girlfriend. According to Us Weekly, her name is Amandla, but they didn't report any other details about her. The article also states that Kaluuya has yet to speak publicly about his relationship. So fans anxious to know all the details will have to wait until the couple feels ready to make their relationship more public, if they ever do decide to. After all, celebrity breakup after celebrity breakup has proven that relationships that exist heavily in the spotlight tend to end in heartbreak. So it's smart for the new couple to keep things private, at least for now.

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But though very little information is available about Kaluuya's new partner, a little internet sleuthing reveals hints about her possible identity. An Instagram post by makeup artist Amber Amos featured a picture of the adorable couple at the SAG awards, and tagged in the post is Daniel Kaluuya's Instagram account and another account, @amandlachrich. BET also features this Instagram photo, with the same account handle. Her Instagram is on private, so there's not much information to be gained there. But a quick Google search of "Amandla Crich" reveals that the mysterious Amandla is most likely actor Amandla Chrichlow.

Since all her social media is private, there's not a lot more we can learn about the actor from the internet. But her IMDb page reveals that most of her work has been in television, as she played Gloria in Prime Suspect 7: The Final Act, the mini-series starring Helen Mirren, and also played Alisha Daniels in The Bill. Since then, she has acted in two short films, but hasn't had any acting credits since the short Anonymous in 2012.

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IMDb also reveals that Crichlow's sister is Lenora Crichlow, who has quite a few acting credits herself. She also had a reoccurring role on The Bill, alongside her sister, and has appeared in many other shows since then, but viewers might best remember her as the star of the Black Mirror episode "White Bear". You know, the one where a woman wakes up with no memories, only to find that everyone around her records everything she does on their phones without offering her any help as murderous people in masks seem to be hunting her down? Yeah, it was far from a pleasant episode, but Lenora Crichlow was great in it. It seems that acting runs in the family.

If IMDb can be trusted, then Amandla and Leonora are also the daughters of a famous black activist, Frank Crichlow. In his obituary in The Guardian, Frank Crichlow is described as a "stalwart symbol of black urban resistance in the face of police persecution." After immigrating to the U.K. from Trinidad, Crichlow opened a restaurant called the Mangrove, which quickly became a hotspot for celebrities such as Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jr., Diana Ross, and the Supremes, per The Guardian.

But after his restaurant became the target of multiple raids that uncovered nothing illegal and a multitude of petty fines, the result of racist policing, Crichlow decided to fight back against injustice. He was arrested in 1970 protesting against police harassment, but he and eight other defendants, known as "The Mangrove Nine", were acquitted after a highly publicized trial revealed the pervasive racism in the police force, per The Guardian. The obituary adds that Crichlow then established the Mangrove Community Association, "providing advice and assistance, nurturing local projects to improve housing, establish youth facilities and services for the elderly, and help rehabilitate ex-offenders and those with drug and alcohol addictions." The legacy of the Mangrove can still be seen in the Notting Hill carnival celebrations, where Crichlow's protests were a significant part of the event's history, per the celebration's website.

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It's clear that Amandla comes from a prolific and impressive family, making her the perfect match for Kaluuya, who, through his performances in films like Get Out, which provides sharp commentary on American racism, and Black Panther, a film which celebrates black people, continues the kind of activism that Frank Crichlow was advocating for. The two make a powerful team, and here's hoping we'll be hearing a lot more about Amandla in the future.