Asher's Really Dead On 'HTGAWM' — And These Are The Most Likely Suspects

Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone in 'How to Get Away with Murder'
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Spoilers ahead for How to Get Away with Murder Season 6. After the show leaned into the "Who killed Annalise?" question in basically every promo up until the shocking November mid-season finale's twist, now fans have to agonize over who killed Asher on HTGAWM, too. Although the April 2 episode "We're Not Getting Away with It" didn't provide any concrete answers, there was a trove of new clues for viewers to add to their case files.

Actor Matt McGorry confirmed Asher "really is dead" on Instagram in November, but that doesn't real mean anything. (After all, we're all still waiting to find out if Wes is really alive, despite his supposed death in Season 3.) Operating under the assumption that McGorry was telling the truth and Asher really did meet his demise on the landing of his apartment building, is it possible Annalise (aka Justine) is the one who killed him? Maybe. Remember: Before she made her escape to Mexico, Annalise did tell her driver to turn around, and fans never saw where she went or what happened. Getting literal blood on her hands isn't really Annalise's style though. If she was involved in any way, it's much more like it was part of a master plan to help her students, uh, get away with murder. When Oliver suggested the possibility to Connor in the April 2 episode, even he said his husband was reaching.

Speaking of Oliver, he remains the only person who's actually confessed to murdering Asher, though he's almost certainly innocent. Sure, he was the one who struck Asher in the head with the fireplace poker, but the blow obviously wasn't fatal. Bonnie's bail hearing defense that Oliver's confession was made under the influence of psychedelic drugs, coupled with the lack of any other physical evidence (thanks to him wearing Laurel's gloves), even led a judge to drop all charges against him.

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Although Bonnie, Frank, Oliver, and Tegan all pointed the finger at the Castillos in the episode, Xavier and co. might be a bit too expected for HTGAWM's signature reliance on shock value. Fans might not, however, suspect Nate, who'd made abundantly clear his position of hoping to be around to see Annalise go down. He also talked to Bonnie about "doing what's right." Even Tegan's comment about knowing a guy in Mexico who helps people disappear raised a red flag, considering that's exactly where Annalise went before her eventual arrest by Mexican police by the episode's conclusion.

Yeah, so basically, everyone is on the suspect list at this point. But let's examine some of the new evidence stacking up against some of the more likely suspects.

Connor & Michaela

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Unless the feds arrested Connor and Michaela as a tactic to get them to turn on against Annalise, they clearly thought there was plenty of evidence to pin them as Asher's killers. Their fingerprints were on the murder weapon, and they certainly had motive, given that Asher was the informant providing criminal evidence against them.

As Michaela's attorney, hired by her biological father Solomon Vick (more on him later), pointed out in the bail hearing, the fireplace poker was a household item she'd use prior to Asher's death, so why wouldn't her fingerprints be on the weapon? When Tegan mentioned to her that she'd stopped by the crime scene, Michaela didn't even know where Asher had been killed, unless it was all an act.

The federal agents laid out for both Connor and Michaela that, in addition to Asher's murder, they also had evidence linking them to several more crimes, including: conspiracy, aiding and abetting, perjury, obstruction of justice, and evidence tampering. They even gave a rundown of six seasons worth of HTGAWM victims from Sam Keating and Rebecca Sutter to the Hapstalls and D.A. Ronald Miller, with Annalise at the center of all of them.

Connor and Michaela both ultimately signed immunity deals, agreeing to testify against Annalise — even though it would mean putting the blame on her for crimes she didn't commit — in exchange for a five-year prison term. All in all, however, the episode didn't seem to indicate they're guilty of murdering Asher.


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Both Bonnie and Frank pointed out at different points that killing an FBI informant would be "the dumbest move" any of them could make. That didn't stop the HTGAWM writers from raising suspicion that Frank may have been the one who murder Asher. After Asher (unsuccessfully) tried to record Bonnie admitting to past criminal activities, "Bon Bon" didn't take the bait ("I think losing all the blood has you confused, she wisely told him), instead summoning Frank to her house to drive the apparent mole home.

During their car ride, Asher similarly tried to get some sort of confession out of Frank, also to no avail. Insisting the 'shrooms made him hallucinate, Frank accompanied "doucheface" up to his apartment. While it seemed as though viewers were about to find out Frank had killed Asher, the one-time hitman eventually departed without incident.

Bonnie swore to Nate that neither she nor Frank committed the murder ("The police clearly know that too since we're not the ones in jail," she said), but later even she had to asked Frank if that was actually the truth. "No way I'm that stupid," he told her. As Frank aptly told Asher earlier, however: "We're all pretty good liars at this point, no?"


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Since we're on the subject of liars, when the feds visited Gabriel's apartment at the beginning of the episode, he claimed he hadn't seen Asher or heard any voices or a struggle the night his neighbor had been murdered. As viewers later learned, however, after smashing his phone against the wall amid sobs, a desperate Asher had knocked on Gabriel's door, prior to his untimely death.

When Asher arrived, Gabriel was listening to a recording on his phone of Frank saying he wished he'd killed Sam and that maybe killing his son would be "the next best thing." Asher claimed he had an emergency and needed Gabriel's phone. After he declined, Asher offered to pay him $64,000. Whatever played out after that remains a mystery, but in the present timeline, Gabriel was seen holding a check as he read an article titled "Middleton Student Bludgeoned to Death."

Was he also lying to the feds that he didn't kill Asher? Unclear. There's obviously much more to the story with him though.

Solomon Vick

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The wild card suspect is Michaela's dad, who seems to be getting increasingly shadier by the scene. He's the one Michaela called after her arrest, and despite claiming he never once though she'd committed the murder, he also hired her a lawyer who "got that hedge fund guy out on self-defense." Why would Michaela accept his help over Tegan's though?

When faced with the difficult decision of implicating Annalise as part of her immunity agreement, Michaela turned to Solomon who encouraged her to take the deal. Reminding her that he's known Annalise "a long time," Solomon told her she'd run away and "saved her own ass," and that Michaela should now do the same.

Even when Michaela feared that pleading guilty to "a dozen felonies" would essentially end her career as a lawyer before it began, he had an answer for that, too. "How do you think I got to where I am, Michaela? I know people everywhere." Solomon even offered to move her out to California where she could take his last name and use all of his "resources" to make her troubles go away.

Don't forget Solomon's also the one who helped Annalise escape to Mexico. After police apprehended her there, it seemed he may have been involved in her capture. Solomon cryptically asked the agent at the end of the episode, "You find Annalise Keating yet?"

While things aren't looking great for Annalise, the series wouldn't be called How to Get Away with Murder if, in the end, they all didn't.