Who Will Become King On 'The Royals'? Things Don't Look Good For #KingLiam


While this might be cruel to say, things were certainly better for Liam when his brother Prince Robert was still presumed dead. But, Robert is back — and very much alive — and that means that Liam becoming king on The Royals doesn't seem like a realistic possibility anymore. Well, lucky for Loyals, The Royals doesn't strictly deal in realistic possibilities, so is there a chance Liam could still become king? Right now, the #KingLiam movement isn't in great shape.

During the Jan. 29 episode, "In the Same Figure, Like the King That's Dead," Robert seemed willing to give up the throne — not only for his brother, but for the idea of being able to live a normal life with Kathryn. Yet, when Robert proposed that he would stand behind Liam if their mother believed that Liam would make a better king, he was just manipulating his younger brother. Rather than have Liam continue to resent him, he made their mother Helena be the bad guy by telling Liam that it was Robert's time to be king.

Liam's hopes of becoming king seem to be dashed for now, despite the support he had from the public. Based on Robert's behavior toward his little brother "Sparrow," something big would have to happen for him to give up the opportunity to be king. Maybe Kathryn would give Robert an ultimatum that would make him rethink being king. I've mentioned this before, but there is a possibility that Robert could abdicate the throne — à la Edward VIII — which would allow Liam to become king. Another theory is that Robert could be Alistair Lacey's son, which means that Liam would actually be the legitimate heir. No matter how it could possibly happen, fans just want to see Liam become king (and maybe even win the girl) over his overly polished and smarmy brother. Sure, Robert is not as evil as Cyrus, but he is a villain to Liam.

Speaking of Cyrus, before Robert or Liam can become king, their uncle will need to step down and as he said he will kill himself if he does not remain king, he will not be leaving the throne willingly. The privy council will meet during the Feb. 12 episode to decide between Cyrus and Robert and, of course, Cyrus has blackmailed one of the members of the council to give himself an advantage. So, there's the possibility that Cyrus could remain king. Yet, as the second brother born into his family, king is not his role to fill — kind of just like what Liam is going through.

While Mark Schwahn said on the Royal Hangover on Facebook Live that who will be king will be revealed on Feb. 12, don't expect that person to stay in power for long. Whether it's Cyrus or Robert, the one thing The Royals has proved time and time again is that power is always up for grabs — so I'm not giving up hope, King Liam fans, and neither should you.