Whose Office Is Red Searching In The 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Trailer? All Signs Point To Caputo

You've all been very patient between seasons, and now your reward is that the Orange Is The New Black Season 5 trailer is out. Well, that and that you don't have to go to Litchfield, which is always a huge bonus. The trailer is jam-packed with info, and one scene that stuck out to me in particular features what looks like an illicit search and discovery of documents that I'm very intrigued by. So, whose office is Red searching in the OITNB trailer? My guess is Joe Caputo's, and I'll tell you why. The moment comes just over one minute into the teaser, with Galina "Red" Reznikov rifling through papers in what appears to be a darkened office, with a fellow inmate over her shoulder shining the flashlight. It looks like Blanca Flores, but I can't be sure, with such a brief glimpse and just seeing her face in profile.

But whose office could it be? Clearly it's somewhere Red isn't supposed to be, and she's likely seeing something she isn't supposed to see, based on her wide-eyed reaction of, "My. God," as she takes in the paper's contents. Obviously, the amount of places she's allowed to be is limited by the fact that Red is, y'know, incarcerated, so we know it's definitely on the prison grounds. That means it almost certainly belongs to a prison employee, which is also supported by the official-looking letterhead that we can see through the paper, as the light shines through.

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And who's the prison employee most closely associated with covering up Poussey Washington's death and triggering the prison revolt? Why, that's Caputo, so he's my top suspect for the owner of the office that's being combed through. Especially because earlier in the trailer, Tastee called him out by name, saying, "We’re all angry! You’ve done our girl wrong, Mr. Caputo, and we want justice."

With a line like that, and all of this context, it would only make sense that Red would be ransacking Caputo's office looking for proof of the Poussey cover-up, and maybe, based on the size of her reaction, came across something even bigger — something she hadn't bargained for. But of course, we'll have to wait until Season 5 of Orange is the New Black premieres on Netflix to get an idea of what that might be, so I hope you can hold your breath and perch on the edge of your seat until June 9.