'Bachelor' Nation Alums Explain Why Rose Ceremonies Are Filled With So Many Tears

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Kaitlyn Bristowe/Twitter

It's safe to say that being rejected is never a good feeling in any situation — particularly if that moment happens to take place amidst a nationally televised dating show. That said, a few recent tweets from Bachelor Nation's Kaitlyn Bristowe and Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland help to explain that Bachelor elimination is about much more than roses and heartbreak. In other words, they shared why Bachelor contestants get so emotional during the rose ceremonies.

It's a feeling that most likely hits home for both former contestants, who appeared on separate seasons of the beloved dating franchise. Kaitlyn took to Twitter to express her thoughts behind some of the emotions which were displayed during the Bachelor's Season 22 premiere on Jan. 1. And although she may not have been eliminated early on in her Season 19 stint on the series, Kaitlyn made some very valid points about what it's really like to get booted from the reality dating series.

Asking followers to, just for a moment, attempt to envision themselves in the very same position as the many women and men who appear on the series, the former Season 11 Bachelorette shared a dramatization of what exactly goes down while in the Bachelor mansion. Setting the scene, she explained:

"Imagine going into debt from packing suitcases of cute outfits, getting in a limo to meet the man of your dreams, havin a few cocktails in a mansion.. To being told nah, I have like 20 other girls to choose from, then hopping on the bus of shame at 8am. You would cry too."

Kaitlyn continued to impress her point of view upon a commenter who tweeted in response, saying that they "never understood crying night one."

Kaitlyn went on to point out: "But after 12 hours of drinking with producers saying things that trigger your emotions.... it’s honestly something no one will understand unless you do it."

Offering his own perspective while also backing the premise of Kaitlyn's claims, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 contestant Diggy Moreland shared similar sentiments with followers, explaining why things tend to get so emotional during the show's exit segment. He tweeted,

"These exit tears are real. You put your mail on hold, setup all your bills on autopay, told your family you’re gonna be gone for awhile, turns out, you’re back after a weekend."

As for his expertise on the matter, Diggy was eliminated from Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season during week three.

However, it seems that the senior inventory analyst didn't take his moment of rejection too harshly, as he notably jumped right back in the the swing of things appearing in Season 4 of the franchise's Bachelor in Paradise spinoff.

It certainly goes without saying that there are many reasons that public eliminations such as these can become an outpouring of emotions for those who are sent packing. It is, perhaps, a factor that a great majority of show's contestants fails to consider when signing up for a highly publicized competition, such as the Bachelor. Because honestly, who would actually put themselves through such torture knowing the potential outcome?

The current season, merely one episode in, has already seen a total of eight contestants booted from the mansion, bringing Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr's count to 21. The premiere started off with a total of 29 contestants vying for a chance to win the race car driver's heart.

Each and every season of the Bachelor and its spinoffs, no doubt, offer their own fair share of drama that often sends contestants on a roller coaster of emotions. And though it seems that many competitors enter the mansion with the intent of finding their soulmate, Kaitlyn and Diggy's recent comments serve as a reminder that most of the reactions that fans get to see may actually have nothing to do with love at all.