Why 'Golden Girls' Fans Should Cherish Reruns, Instead Of Hoping For A Reunion


It's time to grab your tissues. In a world full of reboots and revivals, there's now a new reason to totally cherish your Golden Girls reruns. I really hate to be the ones to break it to you guys, but it appears that the iconic sitcom will never make a return to the small screen — at least not any time soon, according to the series' creator, Susan Harris. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harris revealed why a Golden Girls reboot just wouldn't work.

I don't know about you, but this is a total bummer for me. GG was nothing short of iconic and certainly deserves its own reimagining, wouldn't you agree? I mean, it definitely feels like an appropriate time for it to make a comeback, seeing as though everywhere you turn, there seem to be talks of bringing a retired show back to life... but, no Golden Girls? Like, seriously, what gives?

Well, Harris told EW that the show just does not work without the original cast of Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty and Betty White. And Harris would definitely know, revealing that her one attempt to revamp the show resulted in an epic fail. She said,

“They’ve wanted to do Golden Girls the Musical and re-do Golden Girls, and we’ve always said no because Golden Girls would not be Golden Girls without that cast.”

Harris went on to revisit a very short lived 1992 spinoff where she casted McClanahan, Getty, and White — sans Arthur — in a show called, The Golden Palace. Anyone remember that? No? Yeah, me either. Sooo... I guess she does have a point.


I suppose I would have to agree with the fact that no one could ever replicate the camaraderie and candor of the total GG package that was Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose. They just had this unexplainable "it" factor that you just don't see on TV anymore, as we've sadly moved into this "mean girls," "no new friends" era that we live in today.

As a kid, I can remember watching and hoping to one day share that same type of bond with my friends as we got older — and quite honestly, I still hope that. They may have bickered at times, but at the end of every episode you knew that they loved each other unconditionally.


I don't know, saying "never" to a reboot just seems so final. And with Arthur, McClanahan, and Getty all sadly deceased, it seems like there's really no hope for bringing it back — unless White decides to champion for its return. But I guess shouldn't hold my breath for that.

So now, if you'd please excuse me, I have to go sob on my sofa and watch Golden Girls on Hulu.