'Masked Singer' Fans Will Have To Wait At LEAST One More Week For The Next Celeb Reveal

The Fox performs on The Masked Singer
Michael Becker/FOX

You can thank the World Series for bumping your favorite singing show back a week: The Masked Singer isn't on Oct. 23 because Fox will instead be airing Game 2 of the annual championship, beginning with a pre-game show at 7:30 p.m. ET and the actual game at 8 p.m. ET. And depending on how the series goes, this might not be the only week fans have to wait for more Masked Singer episodes.

This year, the World Series is being played between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. It began on Oct. 22 and could potentially last through Oct. 30 if all seven games are played. To win the World Series, one team needs at least four victories. That means the series can be over in as little as four games, but it could also stretch to its maximum of seven. Game 7 is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 30. If it's necessary for the teams to play that game, The Masked Singer won't be back until Nov. 6.

But whether the next episode airs on Oct. 30 or Nov. 6, it's going to feature the next six masked singers facing off — and the unmasking of one of the celebs. That includes the Flower, Fox, Ladybug, Penguin, Rottweiler, and Tree. It's been a while since any of them have performed, but there are still plenty of theories about which celebrities they might be. Here's a mini breakdown.

Michael Becker/FOX
  • Flower = Possibly Patti LaBelle because of clues about her cooking and appearing on Empire.
  • Fox = Wayne Brady and Jeremy Renner, both of whom are popular guesses because they have played or voiced superhero characters as the Fox's clues suggest.
  • Ladybug = Jamie Lynn Spears or Kelly Osbourne. The Ladybug sounds like she has a southern accent, which would fit Spears, and fans seem to think Osbourne could also be acting like she has that accent to throw people off. In either case, both of them grew up in the spotlight like the clue package suggests and have other things in common with the hints.
Michael Becker/FOX
  • Penguin = Sherri Shepherd, according to many fans and also judge Jenny McCarthy, because she fits many of the written and spoken clues from the show.
  • Rottweiler = Chris Daughtry, according to most of the fan theories. One big clue is the bouquet of blue roses in the Rottweiler's clue package, which could be a nod to Daughtry's giant blue rose tattoo on his arm.
  • Tree = Up for debate. There's not much of a consensus on this one yet, but Vulture floated a theory that it could be SNL actor Ana Gasteyer. She has a Christmas album coming out, which she could be using her Christmas tree costume to promote. One of the Tree's clues was that she wanted to "dish out" her talents, and Gasteyer was in the SNL sketches for "The Delicious Dish."

Think of it this way: if baseball keeps the Masked Singer off the air, there's just that much more time to build up your theories.