Why Jennifer Lopez Is Such An Icon, According To Celebs On The VMAs Red Carpet

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After years in the music industry, Jennifer Lopez earned the Video Vanguard Award at the 2018 VMAs on Monday night. By delivering a heartfelt speech and show-stopping performance, J. Lo reminded everyone what an icon she truly is. On MTV's pink carpet ahead of the ceremony at Radio City Music Hall, celebs shared with Bustle their favorite J. Lo moments. The range of responses prove that she's really a multi-faceted star.

Ariana Grande's brother Frankie may have summed it up best, enthusiastically explaining, "Oh my god, I think her live performances are always my favorite. God, all of them. She just dances so hard and she's so committed whenever she's on stage." He continued, "It's so inspirational to me as a Broadway dancer and a Broadway performer to see someone be that committed in the pop world, where like sometimes you can get away with not being 100 percent. And she is 150 percent when she's out there and I think it's so amazing."

Lopez truly gives it her all, and that's exactly what earned her the Michael Jackson-named honor. Ahead of the award show, executive producer Bruce Gillmer told Bustle at a VMAs press junket last Friday, "A lot goes into the decision for the Video Vanguard actually. We look at the breadth of the artist's career. We look at their connection to the world of music video. We look at the relevancy, we look at what's happening, current projects and so forth."

Not only is J. Lo working on multiple movies, but her song "Dinero" with Cardi B and DJ Khaled was a hit (even earning the Best Collaboration award on Monday night). "You can go on and on," Gillmer said. "She's exploding. It's amazing that she just continues to outwork everybody."

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Speaking of her performance, he continued, "What you can expect to see is an artist that's had an extraordinarily successful career with longevity that's absolutely at the top of her game. That's incredible. You don't see that that often."

But for some people, it's the classic J. Lo moments that deserve the most love. Singer Madison Beer says, "'Jenny From The Block,' for sure. I think that's the most iconic thing she's ever done. Or the booty song. That song was dope, too." Bobby Lytes from Love & Hip-Hop Miami bursts into song, belting out, "I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block. Used to have a little, now I have a lot, ayyy."

Similarly, Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame, who was on the red carpet with her daughter Sophia, tells Bustle, "I don't know, is there something wrong with me when I say 'Jenny From The Block'? I just really love that." She was pumped for J. Lo's performance overall: "We're so excited for her!"

That nostalgia factor was major — when Ja Rule's verse came during "I'm Real," the entire Radio City crowd burst into cheers and rose to their feet, continuing to stand for the remainder of Lopez's performance.

It's not all singing and dancing that J. Lo has to offer — she also brings her style game every time. "My favorite is when she showed up in that green dress," social influencer Jasmine Luv says on the carpet, referencing the unforgettable Grammys dress from 2000. "I feel like that was a monumental moment of J. Lo. She's had many moments. But, of course, since we're talking about award shows and fashion, I would say that. She was snatched. Amazing."

Another Love & Hip-Hop Miami cast member, Jojo Zarur, says, "Honestly, I just love her fashion. Like, I am here for her whole look. Every time it's JLo, I'm looking at what she's wearing." But she also dives a little deeper too, adding, "I've been a huge fan of hers growing up. I'm Hispanic too, so she's a huge idol to us."

Echoing appreciation for Lopez, fellow Love & Hip-Hop star Bobby Lytes adds, "J. Lo's an amazing artist. She's like trailblazed a lot for us as people that love pop culture, period. So I love J. Lo, shout out to her."

While singer Morgan Saint couldn't quite pinpoint a favorite moment, it's because there are too many. "Oh my gosh, I don't know if I could just pick one, but I think she just keeps getting better," she says. "I feel like she just gets more beautiful inside and out by the day. It's pretty impressive... There are so many good movies and music."

Indeed, there are. Lopez has left a mark on the music industry, and if her Vanguard speech is any indication, she's just getting started.